Eureka SuctionSeal Pet Bagless Upright Vacuum

Eureka SuctionSeal Airspeed Technology

Eureka Suction Seal Pet Upright Vacuum is lower rate vacuum compared to the DC39 Animal Canister vacuum. Besides, the performance and features of this vacuum are quite well.

There are a lot of unique features included in this vacuum; you may never see this vacuum in others vacuum. Overall the customization option of this vacuum is, of course, impressive.

The retractable cord is one the mentionable features of this vacuum. Just pressing the button, you can extend the length of cord when you feel the necessity of increasing the length.

The vacuum is fit both rug carpet and hard floor. Another important feature of this vacuum is that it is easier to use. If anyone wants to have a budget friendly vacuum, you should not find out others vacuum except Eureka Suction Seal Pet.

Have the Suction Seal™ Technology

SuctionSeal™ Technology is an important feature for cleaning rug carpet and floor deeply. Whatever you want to clean, such as hardwood, carpet, tiles, floor.

The powerful suction technology helps you clean correctly. It provides maximum cleaning performance. Besides, you can clean the hidden particles and dust, debris using the Suction Seal™ Technology.

How does the Airspeed® Technology Perform?

Eureka SuctionSeal Pet Bagless Upright Vacuum

You may have the Airspeed Technology in vacuums, but unlike the others vacuum, the airspeed technology provides the more air, ever you can use this vacuum from the distant place because of removing the dirt from corner and edge.

The suction control dial tool is an important feature of this vacuum. If you want to control suction, simply attach suction control device.

Have the tighten suction

The suction technology is not like others suction technology. Rather the suction technology is more powerful. The suction technology is a tested technology, even, it has multi-cyclonic dust cup so that it never lose suction.

The vacuum for pet owners

The vacuum especially is fit pet owners. It has been designed din such a way that it is fit to clean upholstery, bare floor and carpet. The turbo is powerful as it is driven with PET power paw.

The high HEPA filter eliminates allergies and odor. If you are a pet owner, want to have all the problem included a pet, the vacuum is fit for you.

Let’s you –know the others features of Eureka Suction Seal Pet Upright Vacuum. All the features have been designed in such a way that the user are benefited too much.

On the others hand, you should mention that all the features of this vacuum have super consistency.

That is why there is no doubt behind running the machine smoothly.

However, lets you judge how much importance each and every feature have.
o The vacuum is worthy of cleaning all types of surface.
o The chance is available for storing the cord rewind effortlessly.
o Pet power paw turbo brush is perfect for removing dirt quickly.

o Cleaning the Flip Bottom Dust Cup is a smart and quick solution.
o Wash and reuse the allergy reducing filtration.

o Reaches close to the baseboard and under furniture.


  • Powerful vacuum
  • Price affordable
  • Worthy of cleaning any types of floor
  • Odor absorbing HEPA
  • ON/ off brush tools


After using a long time, the motor gets hot
It is bit hard to maneuver

Customer review

After going through a lot of reviews of researchers and the customer’s opinions, it is clear that you will have the best output of money using the vacuum. As most of the user mentioned some satisfactory words about this vacuum.

Let you know what the user says

“Cristina mentions that the vacuum is quite fast, she loves the works well, and pricking up hair is good enough.”

“Rosalyn has expressed that the vacuum does what it stated, he is a German shepherd, and he found no fault of this vacuum. You can test the vacuum and suggest your friend have this one.”

Final verdict

The Eureka Suction Seal upright vacuum works overall well on the hard floor and handles the clean nicely. The machine is helpful as the cord is a bit longer.

The vacuum has been selected because of solving fallen pet hair.The cyclonic filtration technology traps the dirt through the centrifugal forces. The upright vacuums design has a larger brush, so it is fit for cleaning the floor deeply.

The vacuum is the best choice for removing pet hair. This vacuum is havier than others vacuum. It has a high efficient motor which is best for suction power.

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