Panasonic “Jet Force Bag less” Upright Vacuum

Panasonic “Jet Force Bag less” Upright Vacuum is a durable, convenient and an inexpensive machine. The jet force bag less vacuum has a cyclonic technology which has nine cylinders for separating cleaner exhaust air.

The HEPA filter is a remarkable filtration system.

It captures very tiny pollutant. Of courses, the vacuum never loses any suction. Panasonic “Jet Force Bag less” Upright Vacuum consists of lots of outstanding features.

When you observe all the features minutely, you can observe how much powerful the vacuum is.

Let’s know the mentionable characteristics of the vacuum.

Powerful 12 amp motor is enough to clean debris and dirt from your carpet, floor, and cloths.

Especially 12 amp powerful motor is also perfect for picking up any tiny particles and pet hair.

• Lightweight “Jet Force” 12-Amp Motor Upright
• Pet-Friendly with bonus air turbine
• Bag less Technology for easy cleaning
• HEPA filter system
• Multi-Surface Nozzle
• Long Air Path Muffles Noise
• Jet Turn Radius Design
• Integrated Tools
• Variable Suction Control
• Automatic Cord Reel
• Soft wheels for the elimination for scratching floors,
• Measures 12-inch (L) by 13.5-inch W by 42-inch (H
• Lightweight “Jet Force.”
• Automatic 24-foot cord reel, dual active edge cleaner

This Panasonic Vacuum fulfills the user’s expectation as all the features have consistency with each other. The height adjustment is worthy for different types of floor.

The onboard pet hair turbine brush cleans the upholstery, stair easily. You cannot but appreciate the bare floor feature of the vacuum. The pet hair turbine brush picks the pet hair effectively from different types of furniture.

Jet Force Technology is another important feature of this vacuum. It segregates dust and air using centrifugal force. The multi-cyclonic dirt separation provides cleaner exhaust air.

Customer review

Most of the user are pleased having this vacuum. As the features of the vacuum are outstanding, its performance is also well. The vacuum keeps dirt from blocking the filter. The cups it has holds lots of dirt. When the cup is full, you can quickly dirt the dump of the cup.

Most of the user are satisfied with the performance of this vacuum. If you are interested in knowing more about this vacuum, you can know, the chance is available. Cyclonic suction and hour glass dust cup are compact and convenient. The 360-degree swivel hose is convenient. Jet turn radius design makes it friendly to have expected output. The vacuum is excellent with performance.


• Jet Force technology
• 9x cyclonic technology
• HEPA media filter
• Foot operated power switch
• Dual active edge cleaner
• Standard wheels


The design does not look too excellent
The vacuum is not powerful like Dyson 39

Final verdict

Panasonic’s Jet Force Upright Vacuum is one of user expected vacuum. The performance of this vacuum is, of course, mentionable.

Unlike the features of the others vacuum, it performs its function quite smoothly. If use this vacuum, you will never feel the hassle about the loss of suction.

Jet Force gives you a chance have a neat and clean place. Where there is Jet Force vacuum, there is not dust, debris and pet hair.

The mentionable features of this vacuum are that it has Jet Force technology. The centrifugal technology separates the air and dust through the centrifugal force.

It never allows a loss of suction. Jet force technology makes the vacuum outstanding and super powerful. Panasonic jet force vacuum performs well over all types of carpets and floor and tiles.

If anyone uses the jet force, he never thinks of another one. The price of the vacuum is affordable too much compared to the feature of the others vacuum.

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