12 Must-Try Tips To Keep Your Pet Safe In Hot Weather

Summers are quite nerve-wracking for humans but they are worse for our pets.

They might love this weather to the fullest and undoubtedly, you can take them on walks or even vacations but sometimes it can prove quite dangerous for them.

In reality, it's quite difficult for pets to be calm and relaxed during this season as they sweat just like us.

But if you are worried about their health constantly, we would say fret not.

Here are a few tips that will protect your pet when the ugly wrath of summers hit.

As the temperatures soar higher, these will be the tips that will run to your rescue.

Check them out. 

Let your pet be home when it’s too hot

Keep your furry friend safe during hot weather by letting them stay home.

Dogs have a tendency to calm themselves down by panting and that helps them relax whilst also sweating out completely.

But when they are outside home, the temperature can ruin their cooling system, leading to heatstroke.

Not just that, the temperature inside the car can also play up with their system till 200 degrees and it is definitely not worth risking their life. Be cautious here and take care of your pet.

Keep fresh water available for your pets

This is something that you might be already following but when we say fresh, it means changing the water every two hours. 

Dogs tend to lose a lot of moisture during summers and having access to cool water will keep their body temperature quite normal.

Another thing that you can do here is taking a deep bowl and adds ice to it so that the water stays cool for a prolonged period.

Keep your house chill

Keep your house chill for pet

Make your home the ultimate chill zone for your furry friend ????❄️

If your dog is home alone and wants to have a peaceful time, you need to make sure that the room is really chill. You can leave the air conditioner on and let the drapes be open.

In case you don't have an AC at home, make sure you open the windows and turn on the fan at a full speed.

You can also keep a cooling vest or mat as that can help your furry buddy stay at ease.

Keep your dog’s paws cool always

Surfaces like metal or for that matter, asphalt can get really hot in summers.

When you take your dog for a walk, make sure that he doesn't come in contact with these areas.

Their paws are sensitive and the heat of these surfaces can burn them up. It can also increase their body temperature and hence it's always a good idea to steer clear of such areas.

Make sure your dog is protected from ticks and mosquitoes

Make sure your dog is protected from ticks and mosquitoes

Don't let ticks and mosquitoes ruin your dog's day - protect them now!

Your pet needs to be on monthly prevention of fleas which helps in eradicating the issue of catching fleas or ticks.

It can worsen in summers and if not protected it can lead to many diseases for your pet like Lyme disease or heart worm and many other dangerous health hazards.

Not just that, even humans can catch it and that's why it is vital for you to protect your dog.

Give your dog a pool of his own

Give your dog a pool of his own

Summer just got better for my furry friend with his own pool.

Dogs are born natural swimmers and they love water. During the hot months, if you have a big yard outside your house, make sure your dog feels fresh.

Getting wet in water can help in keeping the body temperature quite cool.

Look for options and see your buddy get happy even at the time of this nasty season!

Be around your dog when he swims

Be around your dog when he swims

Watching your dog paddle through the water is a sight to behold. Cherish these moments with your furry companion.

Not all dogs cherish the moments while swimming. There are some dogs who take a while to understand and learn how to swim.

Not just that, they might not know how to get out of the pool when they are done.

Chances of drowning are higher in such cases. Make sure he enters the pool only when you are around.

Your dog can get sunburns too

Dogs can catch sunburns too and just how painful it is for the humans, it is painful for them as well.

Pets with light-colored coats are quite sensitive to this problem and if exposed to the sun more than needed, it can lead to skin cancer as well.

Talk to your veterinarian and have a good sunscreen prescribed for your dog as this will help you protect him and stay safe!

Keep your dog on a leash when needed

There are times when you need to be extra cautious. Summers mean exciting scents and sights for your dog but even then you don't want to leave him alone, especially if there's no fence.

Some dogs tend to have a very hyper tendency. In such cases, if they are not put on a leash when needed, you might lose track of your dog.

Be cautious and protect your dog from such circumstances.

Groom your pet

If your dog has long hair, then keep it groomed, away from tangles. It will help them feel good while you are giving them the best treatment.

They feel quite loved when you take care of them.

Make sure you don't get rid of the fur without talking to your vet. The fur keeps them warm in winters but can also keep them cool in summers.

Keep a check on what suits your dog!

Make cool treats

As said earlier, dogs enjoy chilly things in summers. Make your pet things that involve ice cubes.

The chilly snacks will keep him fresh all the time, without putting you in any worry!

And as always make sure you give them more and more love, take them to the vet and keep their health maintained, no matter the season. Keep these tips in mind and give your pet the best life!

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Last updated on September 18th, 2023

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