5 Best Ways To Clean Dog Hair Off Hardwood Floors

Your fur baby is surely your hot favorite, but not his dander. Yes, it’s true that managing dog’s hair is a cumbersome task.

Not only the carpet, sofa, and upholstery, your hardwood floor is not spared from the dog’s hair mess.

The only way to get rid of this dander mess is to clean the places as fast as possible with the best efficiency.

But what makes the cleaning super-efficient?

Is it only moping and sweeping the floor?

Or there are some other ways too?

Believe us, cleaning dog’s hair from your room and especially on the hardwood floor is a common quandary.

Expert homemakers have suggested some pro techniques, but we understand that trying them all is again an extensive process.

Worry not! Here we have simplified your cleaning spree.

We have suggested here five ultra-efficient ways to clean dog hair off the hardwood floor. Try them to make your dog’s hair cleaning chore a bit handy and less clumsy.

Use dryer sheets: Picking up hair will be easier

Dryer sheets are great cleaning remedy if you have to clean dog’s dander in every now and then. No matter how many times you brush your fur baby or you use the best shampoo for prevention of hair fall, managing dog’s dander is a never-ending chore.

Use of dryer sheet can help you really. Widely available in departmental stores and bedding shops, you can use them to pick dog’s hair super-fast. Just you need to place them on the hardwood floor.

If you can use slightly wet sheets on the floor, you will get a better and cleaner effect.

A dryer sheet can pick up dander from everywhere, however, placing them on fabrics can be little extensive. But for cleaning hardwood floor, this is a darling idea.

Use the old sweeping method

Use the old sweeping method

Sweeping floor with dampen mopper is the age-old process of cleaning hardwood floor. But you have to be very cautious about wiping hardwood floor because the mopper has to be minimally dampened. The damp mopper will act as a hair magnet without any fail.

But this process cannot do the job with 100% accuracy. Here you need to work along with the mopper.

You may end up with stiffness in shoulder or elbow for hard push you need to exert on the mopper.

Furthermore, you cannot reach the remote corners of low-height furniture with your mopper.

As a result pet hairs get easily accumulated in these places and may cause cleaning hazard as well as a health hazard for allergy prone people in your house.

Did you know, how to clean the floor without a mop read this

Use microfiber duster and brush

Have you ever tried microfiber duster for cleaning dog’s hair? Hundreds of homemakers have prescribed the use of microfiber dusters for cleaning dander. They work with super ease but with super-duper cleaning effect.

Besides the hardwood floor, you will get to maintain your sofa, bed, and carpet hair free with this microfiber tool.

It is not a costly option either. Versatility is a certain bonus of this microfiber tool you can be assured of.

Besides duster, you can try microfiber slipper also. You will be able to clean the floor from a pet’s hair while working and walking on it.

Use of rubber broom

Use of rubber broom

Keep your hardwood floors clean and tidy with the help of a rubber broom.

Use of rubber broom is a great remedy too for cleaning dog’s hair from the hardwood floor. The broom works well, provided you have the flexibility enough to take your tool to all the corners of the floor.

In fact, rubber broom is a handy solution to pick up the loose hairs lying on the floor. Once used, you can wash it and keep it hygienically prepared for further use. Besides floor, you can use the rubber broom for cleaning window, table tops, car surface, etc.

Use of a robotic vacuum cleaner

Use of a robotic vacuum cleaner

No more pet hair on your floors with the help of our robotic cleaner.

The robotic vacuum cleaner is perhaps one of the best solutions for keeping your pet dander completely away from your hardwood floor.

These vacuum cleaners look smart and sleek, and you can operate them via remote. Some advanced versions are controlled by your mobile too.

With a robotic pet vacuum cleaner, you can stay away from the possibility of stress and straining your shoulder or neck. Simply set the vacuum cleaner on motion and it will do its job perfectly.

Maintenance of the advanced models like Roomba is minimum, and it will make your dander cleaning an easy job.


These are the five ways you can trust for cleaning pet’ hair from your hardwood floor. Believe us, all of the suggested ways are tried and tested methods of cleaning dog’s hair off hardwood floors. Let us know which one has worked for you the best.

Last updated on February 13th, 2024

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