5 Ways To Kill Ticks And Fleas On Cats & Dogs

Pets are indeed the part of the family, and they hold a soft corner of your heart. This is why you must learn all the titbits to keep them safe and healthy. You know how to maintain their diet and how to keep them emotionally secured, but do you know how to prevent your pets from the attacks of pesky ticks and fleas?

Ticks and fleas not only can irritate your pets, but they are also equally harmful to you and other family members. The random use of over the counter chemical sprays and insect repellants is not solicited either.

Despite your earnest effort to keep your pets clean and tidy, irksome ticks and fleas mostly act stubborn: typically these bugs are seen on dogs and cats, which you need to destroy immediately so that your pets stay safe and healthy.

Now the trillion dollar question: is there any pet-friendly way to kill ticks and fleas on cats and dogs? Fortunately yes, there are at least 5 healthy safe ways to kill ticks and fleas on cats and dogs, and it is easy to perform these therapeutic methods too.

Kill Ticks And Fleas On Cats & Dogs

Try natural remedies

Natural remedies are excellent for treatment of ticks and fleas on cats and dogs. However, they work little slowly and therefore works fine for mild attacks. For example, bathing your pet in apple cider vinegar treated water gives a good result, especially for puppies and kittens. You can use garlic essential oil, tea tree essential oil to spray on your pet.

A mix of camphor powder and turmeric powder will give you good result especially for cats. Alternatively, you may try lavender oil, citronella, and lemongrass oil spray to get rid of flea infestation both on your cat and dog. Treatment by natural remedies for the elimination of fleas and ticks may take some time, but these are entirely safe and cost-efficient way to get rid of these pesky hazards.

Go for combing

Regular combing is a reliable way to keep control of tick and flea infestation, and the habit will keep your pet's fur healthy and well maintained. You can apply a small amount of petroleum jelly on the comb and brush slowly but carefully and in one direction.

Place your pet on a white cloth or on a white towel so that you can check for the flea dirt fallen there. Once the combing is done, collect all the dust and drop-offs and flush them in the toilet. Do not throw them in the garden. Please keep in mind.

  • Always use a flea comb.
  • You can use flea killing powders on your dog while combing, but it is risky to use for cats because cats indulge self-grooming by licking their fur and paws quite often.

Vacuuming can bring a great result

Vacuuming your entire premise is a healthy way to get rid of the larva and mites. You need to continue with vacuuming at least twice in a week. Select a powerful vacuum cleaner, which has a powerful suction system, and that really can take out the hidden villains from the remote corners of the sideboard, sofa covers, furniture edges, closet floor, etc.

Also, you can buy a good quality pet vacuum machine for healthy grooming of your pets, regardless they are extra hairy or not. This crafty but straightforward vacuum machine is specially designed for fur babies and will help you to take out unwanted ticks and fleas from their fur in a painless way.

Try medical bath

Arrange a medicinal bath for your pets. Use tick preventive shampoo and use 3-4 drops of tea tree oil in the bathing water. You can apply camphor spray before bathing also, it will kill the ticks and fleas thoroughly. Try this process of the medical bath at least twice in a month, and you will manage to control the problem of flea and tick infestation to a large extent. Please follow a few safety measures while offering your fur baby a medical bath:

  • Do not use hot or even lukewarm water: use water of normal temperature.
  • Before applying flea shampoo, check if your dog/cat has any wound on its body: if yes, do not use the product.
  • Start from neck area and keep the lotion/shampoo away from eyes, ears, and from intimate areas.
  • Do not forget to use conditioner for soothing the irritation caused by tick prevention shampoo after the shampoo wash.

Shampoo and Tea Tree Oil

Take care of your lawn and the roof-top garden

Taking regular care of your lawn and rooftop garden is an efficient solution for controlling tick and flea on your cats and dogs. The necessities are:

  • Trimming the bush and weeds.
  • Spraying insecticides at regular interval to keep your garden free from pesky insects.
  • Mowing lawn at a periodical interval.
  • You may use food grade quality bug killer solution outside of your home so that ticks and fleas cannot breed.

Pets are a stress reliever for you and your family, and they depend entirely on you for their wellbeing. Keeping them healthy and well-groomed is a part of showing your love and concern for these fur babies: tick and flea control is one these essential grooming needs for these four-legged angels in a family.

These 5 friendly ways are easy to follow and unintimidating for the pets in general. You may try them to keep your pets bug-free.

Last updated on February 11th, 2024

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