6 (Tested) Tips To Remove Pet Hair From Floors & Furniture

How amazing it is to see a wagging tail following your trail everywhere!

This little buddy of yours is enough to set your mood right, happy, and entertained.

But, do you have any idea of how to clean furry little layer that your pup drips everywhere it's been?

The pup hair, of course!

I am not into cleaning the pet hair by using a vacuum.

Thus, these little hacks come in handy if you are concerned about owning a pup and keeping your home clean!

Trust me, balancing these priorities is not going to be that easy!

Read on these tips to remove pet hair from floors, furniture, blanket, etc:

Using dryer sheets to roughly pick the hair up pet hair

Dryer sheets can make wonders in quick clean-ups when you keep them handy. Be it your pup has snuggled to the core on your furniture, your favorite chair, delicate blanket, or your fantastic floor, these dryer sheets got them covered, cleaned, and neat!

Using tape rolls to clean loose hair

Well, your champ is ought to be playful and snuggly around you, on you, near you!

So, if you have ever wondered "Where did my clothes end up having so much pet hair?", then, welcome aboard.

Using tape rolls to clean loose hair

Don't let pet hair ruin your outfit! Grab a tape roll and say goodbye to shedding woes.

It's something that is return gifted by your pup in regards to playing and spending some time with him/her!

So, if you are in a rush to head out somewhere and you can see a mild layer of your pet hair all over you, then, choose tape roll, or duct tape or packaging tape to the rescue.

You can keep any of these rolls nearby the door. So, you can simply grab them and take the pet hair out of your outfit without any hassle.

Dampen and gently sweep the carpet before using a vacuum on it

This is the "world-famous" problem of every pet lover. The carpet trauma!

As carpet gives the warmth and coziness to your little monster, it loves to snuggle and play around the carpet.

Dampen and gently sweep the carpet before using a vacuum on it

Don't let pet hair ruin your carpets - dampen and sweep before you vacuum!

Thus, leaving a thick trail all over the carpet. There's a simple solution to quick fix the mess.

Before you start cleaning the carpet by using a vac, try dampening it and then give a gentle clean up using a sweep. This lets the hair around there to roll up into a ball.

Now, you can use the vac and clean the rest of the hair to keep the home clean and hygienic.

Dampened mops work great on vinyl and hardwood floors

Dampened mops work great on vinyl and hardwood floors

Effortlessly remove pet hair from hardwood floors with dampened mops.

If you have hardwood floors, then dampened mops can make wonders in cleaning the whole pet hair mess in minutes.

All you need to do is to use a dampened mop soaked in the diluted wood cleansing product of your choice.

Give it a nice stroke on the floor and mission accomplished!

Using the rubber broom to clean up the kitchen and bathroom

You need a different type of cleaning object when you are cleaning bathroom floors and kitchen floors.

Thus, a better quality rubber broom can help you grab the pet hair from your kitchen and bathroom in minutes. 

Be it linoleum, wood, or tile, the rubber broom will get all the loose hair right out of your space.

Switching on humidifier helps in preventing the loose hair sticking into surfaces and corners

Switching on humidifier helps in preventing the loose hair sticking into surfaces and corners

Ditch the lint roller and switch on a humidifier for loose hair prevention.

Humidifier, of course, keeps us nice and warm in chill, cold weather. You need to know that the humidifier is brilliant keeping the house clean and tidy too.

How? There you go!

As they create a warm atmosphere, this helps the loose hair of your champ not to cling or stick to the surfaces.

So, it helps in keeping your skin hydrated and also shaves off your stress when it comes to cleaning pet hair on surfaces!


Well, cleaning up the pet hair mess is repetitive and is on loop forever!

So, to avoid this, it is ideal to regularly brush your champ.

This will surely reduce the amount of you catching a broom or a vacuum! Thus, you can spend more time with your champ too!

So, how do you clean up pet hair?

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Last updated on September 18th, 2023

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