Advantages And Disadvantages Of Spin Mop

Who does not love a clean sparkling floor? Especially the glittery white one’s shown on television.

While vacuums and sweepers are good enough appliances to clean up the dust and hair particles, sometimes stains and dirt tracks need something more. This is where mops play a very crucial role.

Mops not only clean up mean dirt streaks but also removes dirt clogs and embeds especially seen on the grouts and corners. With upgrades available for every possible article, it was eminent that the traditional mops would also receive a few changes.

Then arrived the latest upgraded Spin Mop and the world could not stop applauding it. A convenient design with add on features aside, the Spin Mop made cleaning look easy and completely hassle-free.

Advantages Of Using Spin Mop

Advantages of using Spin Mop

Experience a deeper clean and faster drying floors with a spin mop.

A Thorough Cleaner

The Spin mop cleans the floor surface very thoroughly without leaving behind any remnants or dirt specks. The cotton fiber surface can easily dislodge the hardest of stains or dirt remnants. The dirt deposit left on the corners and joint sections are easy to remove with these mops.

Abrasion-Resistant Fiber Clothing Pad

The soft lower surface of the mop is gentle on every working surface, so there are no chances of scratches and abrasions to form while using the spin mop.

Quick And Botherless Cleaning

The mop glides very smoothly on the floors and the surfaces without the need for extra exertions making it one of the least tiresome cleaning appliances.

Additionally one does not need to bend or render much effort to remove excess water from the mop head as that is done by the spinning strainer in the bucket. The extra-long mop handle allows one to reach the corner most nooks and crannies without bending or straining themselves.

Minimal Water Requirement

Generally, mops require to be douched in clean water a few times to remove the particles from the mop head. However, in the case of the Spin Mop, the dirt is separated from the mop head and left at the bottom section each time it is spun in the tub. This means that there is no need for an additional change of water as frequently as normal mops need.

No Need For Electricity

The Spin Mop does not require any electricity to function. The spinning of the mop head functions as a washer-dryer as it wrings out any extra moisture from the mop. However, unlike a washing machine, this occurs using a simple mechanical principle of spring load.

Easy To Maintain

The Spin Mop is a hassle-free cleaning appliance. It does not need any additional cleaning or maintenance except the general washing under the tap and then simply leaving the bucket and the mop head to air dry.

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Disadvantages Of Using Spin Mop

Requires Space

Unlike the simple and traditional mops, the Spin Mop comprises of a bucket, a mop, and a set of additional accessories. All the things together form a large appliance that requires sufficient storage space. Ranging between 30 to 45 inches long and 20 to 25 inches deep, the spin mop cannot be left out just about anywhere.


Mops cost hardly a few dollars, while the Spin Mop costs almost 3 times the price. Contrary to popular belief the Spin Mop is not as cost-effective as it may sound.

The Mop Head Needs To Be Changed Regularly

The mop head of the Spin Mop requires changing every few months. The specifically designed mop heads for Spin Mop are also priced higher than normal cloth mop heads.

A Laborious Cleaning Task

Yes, the Spin Mop makes cleaning look effortless and efficient. However, the Spin bucket being carried along is quite heavy and large. Moving it around is often a lot of hassle for most. If there are stairs things are much more difficult and messy. Sometimes mopping with a SPin Mop becomes a 2 man job instead of one.

Many newer versions of the Spin Mop are introducing wheelbase on the bucket. The idea is to glide the bucket on the floor instead of carrying it from one room to the other. This makes it easy to maneuver the mop bucket while cleaning.

The Durability Of The Bucket Is Questionable

durability of bucket is questionable

A broken bucket can't hold you back when you've got determination to clean!

Though the Spin Mop is built to last a very long time, plastics have no guarantee of longevity. The buckets in many instances can crack or break. 

The Spin Mop is a beautiful innovation that has certainly made cleaning and mopping way easier than before. Despite its numerous drawbacks or disadvantages, it offers a lot more positive attributes too. Rather than choosing the old and messy mops trying out the spin mop is not a bad idea.

Last updated on September 21st, 2023

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