American has Obsession to Pets! Is it True? The Science Behind

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America's Obsession to Pets

Is it right that America is obsessed with pets? Why one say so?

Is there any particular reason behind this? Some are obsessed. Some take as snobbery; some take as a companion.

They emphasize on their pet more than their life partner. If a couple would be busy to care each other, to love each other, to share everything with each other, they would not have enough time to concentrate their pet too much, and they can be obsessed with their pet.

The main reason is that they have no faith, no love, and no passion for each other. So they like to be separated from each other.

It is quite a truth that man needs a companion; a normal man cannot live alone, he needs a partner. So The American take a pet as their partner as they have a lack of a partner. They fulfill the loneliness keeping pet beside them thereby a single person take taste burning his cigarette. It is lucid that they take a pet as their partner when they feel alone.

The origin of keeping pet instead of a human partner

human partner

Man can rear pet, no doubt, it is the source of pleasure, but it is obsessed when one gives his pet priority than his life partner.

The inception of this tradition is the high class’s family in America. Most of the people of this status are busier with individual works. So to fulfill their loneliness, they have adopted a pet. But nowadays, it has been a part of snobbery.

Why people are taking a pet as their partner


Naturally, Man has a tendency to follow one another. If one of the high-status does something’s, the lower thinks that it is the sign of money, the sign of respect, and the sign of praise.

The lower try to follow gradually. They do not judge what is bad and what is good. They want to do what the people of the higher classed people do. Most of the people do not judge the actual benefit.

What is the opinion of the expert

“Infographic Design By” Pet Life Today

The physician says “that pet lessen the presser, the rate of stroke, mental stress and other physical problem, even a pet makes the pet owner live in a healthier way.”

Is Comments truth? We can but agree with the comments. The core fact is that human has to love to be loved, the human need to love irrespective caste, creed, and age.

Human need bondage, they depend on each other reciprocally. When a man is deprived of this, they find an alternative way to fulfill. But what is the actual truth behind this?

Nothing can be alternative of humans love. One can take a taste from others source. But it is not the real taste. It is a way just to forget the pain of losing, the sorrow of not having real human love.

Men are obsessed with different things

Man is obsessed with different things; some are obsessed with the collection of money, asset, name and fame, and others. Very few people in the world are living without obsession. But the large part of America is obsessed with the pets.

Rearing pet is not the vices rather it is a virtue. But be obsessed means to be derailed from the right path. And taking pet instead of the partner is the course.

It is a blessing to everyone who has to lead obsessed free life. So writers request goes to all not to be obsessed with anything and being conscious, take the taste of real pleasure.

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