7 Best Roomba for Pet Hair (Updated 2020) With Buying Guide

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best roomba for pet hair

The market is flooded with high-tech products that can make a difference to your time spent at home, doing household chores.

One of them is the Roomba robot vacuum that can go around your home, cleaning and picking up dust and dirt.

So, What Exactly is a Roomba?

The Roomba is a vacuum cleaner product of iRobot and is identified by its circular disc shape.

It's different from all other vacuum cleaners in the fact that it does all your household chores.

​Roomba robot vacuums are equipped with several pre-programmed instructions and "intelligence" to work on its own and efficiently. So, it moves around your home, picking up dirt with its vacuum and spinning brushes, and other brushes.

Through good suction power, the dirt and debris get into the vacuum's dust bin. It moves on two sets of tractor-type wheels which can turn in opposite directions, enabling it to clean any space.

It has inbuilt sensors that detect dirt, keep it away from obstacles and other objects like rugs and phone cords.

A NiMH rechargeable battery pack keeps it active, with an average run time of 90 minutes.

Once its job is done, it gets back into the "docking" station and automatically recharges for the next time.

​A Roomba for you too?

If you’re a pet lover but hate to see pet dander and hair flying all over your home, why not look to gadgets to share the work with you?

One good option is a Roomba robot vacuum, which works with its own intelligence to clean your home independently. But in a market overcrowded with robot vacuums, how would you know which the best roomba for pet hair is?

Recommended Best Roomba for Pets

  • ​3-Stage Cleaning System
  • Dirt Detect Technology
  • iAdapt Navigation
  • Virtual Wall included
  • Wi-Fi
  • Auto Recharge
  • Run time: 120 mins
  • Ideal for: Hardwood floors and carpets
  • Weight: 3.8 kg
Roomba 890
  • ​3-Stage Cleaning System
  • Dirt Detect Technology
  • iAdapt Navigation
  • Virtual Wall included
  • Wi-Fi
  • Auto Recharge
  • Run time:​ 90 mins
  • Ideal for: Hardwood floors and carpets
  • Weight: 3.​5 kg
iRobot Roomba 690
budget friendly
  • ​3-Stage Cleaning System
  • Dirt Detect Technology
  • iAdapt Navigation
  • Virtual Wall included
  • Wi-Fi: NA
  • Auto Recharge
  • Run time: ​60-90 mins
  • Ideal for:​ Carpet, tile, hardwood, ​& laminate 
  • Weight: ​5.4 kg
irobot roomba 650

Our 7 Best Roomba for Pet Hair

There are many robot vacuums in the market, but to make decision-making easy for you, we present seven of the best. To choose the one that suits you best, compare best Roomba models here and then decide. All the gadgets reviewed here are irobot models.


The Roomba 890 is by far the best roomba for pet hair. If you’re a pet owner, you know how much fur and dander can collect in your carpets. To get rid of these, this Roomba for pets uses its 3-stage cleaning system. Through this means, the vacuum puts out five times the amount of suction that older models do.

Its filtration system is capable of capturing a minimum of 99% of allergens present in the air, which include not just pet dander of size 10 microns but also pollen and dust.

  • ​​Five times more powerful suction system for picking up dirt and dander than previous models.
  • ​99% allergens in the air are captured by its effective filtration system.
  • ​High dirt areas are cleaned by dirt detection sensors, aided by rubber brushes.
  • ​iAdapt navigation assures better mapping.
  • ​Run-time 90 minutes
  • ​Redocking and charging are automatic.
  • ​Cleanings can be scheduled with the iRobot home app.
  • ​It has a powerful suction.
  • ​It gets into difficult corners of the room very easily.
  • ​For people with allergies, the filtration system is a boon.
  • ​It moves easily between rooms.
  • ​It locates the charging station with great difficulty.
  • ​The dust bin, being tiny, fills up very soon, leading to many refills.

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iRobot Roomba 690 is the perfect companion for you when you’re so swamped with work that you can’t spare any for home cleaning. Most users refer to it as the best Roomba pet series. It works excellently in picking up all pet hair and at suctioning debris, dirt and small dust particles from the floor.

Reviews.com and ​Digitaltrends.com Also added this robovacs as first choice.

It is so smart that it can easily detect the smallest dirt particle and clean it thoroughly. It is one of the best roomba for dog hair today.

  • ​It picks up dirt from the floor using dual multi-surface brushes.
  • ​Dirt detection sensor recognizes high-dirt areas and concentrates attention there. 
  • Brush with a sweeping edge is set at an angle of 27.
  • ​It has special filters for allergens.
  • ​Its cleaning head can be automatically adjusted to suit a variety of heights.
  • ​Users can schedule cleanings with the iRobot home app.
  • ​It responds to voice control.
  • ​It works on 2AA rechargeable batteries.
  • ​It works with Dirt Detect technology to recognize an area that needs a thorough cleaning.
  • ​Its navigation system is perfect, as it works with cliff detect sensors and a virtual wall barrier.
  • ​It is compatible with voice controls like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.
  • ​It is perfect for people suffering from all kinds of allergies. 
  • ​Its room mapping is so poor that it could easily miss out on cleaning in some parts of the room.
  • ​Without using the virtual wall barrier, this Roomba will dash into some items.

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BEST budget friendly

​If you’re looking for a gadget that will work on its own to clean your home while you’re busy with something else, try the Roomba 650 pet vacuum. Concerning cleaning standards and reliability, it is a great leap forward. In fact, considering performance, you can count on it.

It also has the distinction of being one of the first robots to have an in-built scheduling feature that automatically cleans your home on a pre-set time, each day of the week.

  • ​​Its 3-stage cleaning system stirs, brushes and sucks up dirt from the floor.
  • ​The AeroVac filter blocks all allergens.
  • In-built virtual wall to block off room limits to the robot.
  • ​With cliff sensors, it does not fall from stairs. 
  • ​It is pre-set to clean the home once a day.
  • ​The cleaning head adjusts automatically to reach difficult areas, rugs, hard floors and carpets. 
  • ​With iAdapt Navigation, it navigates and adjusts to one’s changing home. 
  • ​Includes a brush for cleaning
  • ​Moves smoothly from one kind of surface to another.
  • ​Large dust bin
  • ​Better cleaning brushes than older models
  • ​The side brush cleans edges well.
  • ​The motorized brush needs to be cleaned often.
  • It does not come with a remote.

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The iRobot Roomba 675 is perfect as a Pet vacuum cleaner for both hard bare floors and carpets. It can easily clean a maximum area of 80 sq. Meters. It can also be controlled easily with your tablet or smartphone and linking to the iRobot HOME App, no matter where you may be.

  • ​It comes with brushes for various surfaces and a 3-stage cleaning system for efficient cleaning.
  • ​It is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.
  • It is alerted by its patented Dirt Detect sensors to clean harder in certain areas of more dirt.
  • ​It is equipped to work with a full suite of intelligent and intuitive sensors that guide it around each room to clean it thoroughly.
  • ​An Edge-Sweeping brush, angled at ​27°, helps clean corners effectively from corners and edges.
  • ​With iRobot home app, it is easy to schedule cleanings.
  • ​Its run time is 90 minutes before it automatically docks and recharges. 
  • ​It also has these features: Wi-Fi Connectivity, Auto-Adjust Cleaning Head and can work on hard floors and carpets.
  • ​It is technically compliant with Google Home and Alexa.
  • ​Scheduling cleanings with this robot is easy.
  • ​It picks up pet hair and dander efficiently. 
  • ​It has a user-friendly app.
  • ​​It lacks a charging indicator on the dock.
  • ​It does not work silently. 

The Roomba 960 Robot Vacuum moves with great ease from one room of your home to another, cleaning an entire level, recharging and continuing till it finishes the whole job. It loosens, lifts and sucks up dirt with five times more air power than others while needing minimal maintenance. No wonder, it has the reputation of being the best pet roomba for hardwood floors.

  • ​​Its Power-Lifting Suction feature gives five times the required suction power for enhanced performance.
  • ​Its Premium 3-Stage Cleaning System helps loosen, raise, and suck up dust, dirt and pet hair.
  • ​Patented iAdapt 2.0 Navigation along with vSLAM technology lets the robot map its environment so that it cleans one whole level of your home. 
  • It is capable of cleaning under furniture, being barely 3.6” tall. It can easily clean below beds, sofas and difficult to access spots.
  • ​Adjustable dual multi-surface rubber brushes adjust and flex so that they remain in touch with the floor. 
  • ​A highly efficient filter picks up 99% of pollen, dust as small as 10 microns, among other allergens.
  • ​With iRobot HOME App, you can schedule a cleaning from anywhere.
  • ​It recharges and continues cleaning till it finishes the job. 
  • ​It is technically compliant with Google Home and Alexa.
  • ​Easy to use
  • ​It cleans efficiently.
  • ​It offers a hassle-free operation.
  • ​It has a run time of 75 minutes.
  • ​​Its debris tin is tiny, causing several refills.
  • ​It often misses spots and clogs up easily.

One of the most recent models from iRobot Roomba pet series. This Roomba e5 pet vacuum belongs to the mid-range price band and offers excellent performance and smart home capabilities.

Its cleaning abilities are stupendous. 

  • ​​At the height of 3.6”, it can access difficult areas and corners and can also reach below furniture to clean thoroughly.
  • ​Its vacuuming technology is five times more powerful than the Aerovac system. 
  • Its 3-stage cleaning system uses the main brush, a side brush, and a robust vacuum cleaner. These brushes can together hold fast to the floor, thereby picking up more dirt, dust and pet hair than others.
  • ​​​Dirt Detect feature comes with many sensors that spot dirty areas on the floor and ensure that harder cleaning is done here. 
  • ​Its efficient filter traps 99% of cat and dog allergens in its bin. 
  • ​It can pick up dog and cat hair, dander, and dust and other kinds of dirt. 
  • ​It is Wi-Fi compatible so you can hook up your robot vacuum with your smartphone. 
  • ​The robot responds to commands from Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa speakers.
  • It has Wi-Fi connectivity, enabling users to control the vacuum by smartphone or voice devices.
  • It offers a high degree of cleaning services with a mixed palette of features. efficiently.
  • Easy installation-free operation.
  • ​It is smart and shiny in appearance.
  • ​It is not equipped with a camera for home mapping.
  • It cannot recharge and resume.

​Among all the highly efficient robot vacuums available in the market today, the iRobot Roomba i7+ is by far the best robot vacuum for your money. It is the only one to empty its own dust bin. So, for weeks you needn’t touch the product or consider cleaning the floors yourself.

  • ​It empties its bin on its own. The Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal feature can hold up to 30 bins of dirt, hair and dust.
  • The premium 3-Stage Cleaning System along with Dual Rubber Brushes offer powerful cleaning.
  • ​It is guided by patented iAdapt 3.0 Navigation with vSLAM technology that maps the environment and adapts to every room. By linking with your smartphone, you can give it specific commands.
  • ​The Power-Lifting Suction feature with 1700Pa suction power helps it deliver 10 times air power needed for enhanced dirt and dust pick-up ability. 
  • ​Its highly efficient filter helps trap 99% of pollen, mold, dust mites, and allergens from dogs and cats.
  • It learns its way about your home and finds the best way to clean it, using Imprint Smart Mapping.
  • ​It is ideal for trapping dust and dirt from low and medium-pile carpets and rugs.
  • ​It is Wi-Fi enabled and compatible with Alexa. 
  • ​​Its rubber rollers are designed to trap the dirt more efficiently.
  • ​The robot uploads maps of each room in your home to its cloud servers so that it remembers the navigation process.
  • ​You can give it commands on Alexa, such as, “Clean the dining room.” And it will do just that.
  • ​For all its many excellent features, this vacuum is known as the best multi surface vacuum cleaner.
  • This roomba pet vacuum doesn’t have a mopping feature, so it is limited to sweeping. 
  • ​Its battery capacity is 1800m/ah which exhausts quickly.

How to Choose a Best Roomba for Pet Hair—Buying Guide

If buying a best Roomba robot vacuum is something novel to you, you obviously wouldn’t know the bases on which to buy one for yourself.

So, here they are for you:

​​​Do your pets shed a lot?

If your pets shed a lot of hair, it makes sense to invest in the best robotic vacuum for pet hair that can sort out this problem and give you a spanking clean home. It should also be compatible with your floor type.

​​Room mapping feature

​These Roombas come with specific programming that gives them a plan of each room so that navigating becomes easier and work here is time-saving. It also means the robot cleans in a linear path, so it doesn't go over the same path twice.

​​​Type of floor

If the most part of your home has flooring of hardwood, you would want the best vacuum for hardwood floors. Also, if you have a combination of flooring or most of it is carpeted, even then you would look for the best Roomba for carpets. It will need to have good suction power to pick up the dander from the pile of the carpet.


Your Roomba needs to be equipped with a good filtration system, or you'll have hair, dust, and dander all over your floor instead of getting into the gadget's dust bin. Look out for HEPA filters which can filter even the finest dust particles and get rid of allergens.

​Apps and ​voice ​control

​With apps installed on your phone, you can check the progress of your robot vacuum while you’re away from home.


​Roombas, like any other vacuum cleaners, also have noise levels that can be disturbing, particularly if you have an aged person or a baby in the house. So, when shopping for a Roomba, check for its noise levels.

​Battery life

​To work with a battery with a long life is imperative here. The Roomba 980 is one of the best in this series with a long run time of two hours.


Though you shouldn’t have to pick up your Roomba cleaner, except when taking it up and down floors, still you need to think about its weight. The best robot vacuum for pet hair 2020 would ideally be one around 7 lb.


​You're buying a robot vacuum to help you with cleaning around the house, so obviously, convenience will be a huge priority for you. Look out for low-maintenance Roombas which only need to be washed in cold water and replaced every couple of months.


Robot vacuums cost anything between $200 and $900. By having a budget in mind, you can rule out those that are outside your budget. If you’re on a shoestring budget, look for the best cheap robot vacuum that would suit your floor type.

Based on these parameters, you can easily find the best robot vacuum for pet hair in 2020.

Are Roomba Good For Hardwood Floors, Tiles, and Thick Carpets?

Long story short, yes they are good for Hardwood Floors and Tiles.

For Thick carpets? Well, that depends.

I will get to that in a minute.

But first, let's talk about Hardwood floors and tiles.

Roomba is excellently built to vacuum hard floors and tiles, as is the case of other vacuum robots.

Dirt and debris present on your floor gets vacuumed while whirling across the room, so you don't have to worry about that.

Varying models come with different suction power, but regardless they all work efficiently on both hardwood floors and tiles.

The major reason for the efficiency of Roomba is due to its 3 stage cleaning system.

>> First: A spinning edge brush which collects the dust and dirt through the side of the equipment, which ensures cleanliness along the wall edges.

>> Second: Counter rotating brushes (2) which channels the flow of debris and dirt right into the suction path of the motor.

>> Third: That vacuum motor hauls that debris into the dustbin.

The air then passes through a filter which filters out any dust particles that are not big enough for the bin to capture so that it doesn't get back into your room.

The air then leaves the chamber through the exhaust.


I mean a powerful suction (5X to 10X). The issue with such plush high pile rugs is that the dust or your pet hairs get settled at the bottom of it, and to get a hold of that you will be needing a vacuum with a considerably strong (adjustable) suction feature.

HEPA (Air Filters):

If you have allergies, then this is the most important feature which you need to look for.

An air filter like HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter will effectively capture those allergy-inducing microscopic particles before the air leaves the exhaust.

Wheel Size:

Size of your roomba's wheels will determine whether it's going to get stuck on a thick carpet or not.

Well, the top end ones don't. The larger wheels have auto adjust function which enables them to change their ground clearance, which in turn helps them to move from floors to thick carpets with ease.

Needless to say, that small wheeled Roomba will have a hard time maneuvering on thick shag carpets.

Dust Extractors (Tangle Free):

Having a roller bar with bristles or brushed rolls is not at all ideal.

Because such rolls will pull out fibers of your carpet, thus ruining the integrity of it.

So always choose robotic vacuums which consist of brushless dust extractors.

Is Roomba Capable of Crossing Threshold Dividers Between The Rooms?

That depends on the threshold dividers.

Ideally a roomba shouldn't face any hurdle while crossing a divider of ~2.54 cm high, but in reality, it should be equal to or less than 1.3 cm for it to cross over with ease.

If the threshold is equal to or higher than 1.9 cm, it would just make them bounce off.
Unless the edges of the dividers are round in shape.

Sometimes it would take a few attempts to cross over.

Does Roomba Remember Your Room Layout?

Short Answer: It does.

One of the groundbreaking technologies Incorporated into vacuum robots is the navigation technology, the ability to remember the surrounding where it's been run in the past, so as to leverage that info for its future cleaning missions.

This room mapping technology tracks the layout of your home, which helps your roomba to cover ground in the most efficient way possible.

By using the combination of odometry and low-resolution images, (light and dark patterns created by walls and furniture), a basic map is created of each room.

How Long Will A Roomba Run?

Roomba runs on a rechargeable battery, and the runtime depends upon the model, for instance, it can run from 60 minutes to 120 minutes.

Basically, you are good for an entire session.

Don't forget to remove battery pull tab before charging, also charge the battery overnight, before its first run.

Under normal conditions, it will take approximately 2 hours to recharge completely, always keep the battery fully charged before you begin your cleaning session.

Trick to prolong your battery life is to keep the battery recharged at all times.

Certain indicators to remember by while charging your roomba.

Solid Red: Means the battery is empty.

Flashing Red: Means battery is very low for cleaning.

Pulse Amber: Roomba is charging.

Solid Green: Roomba is completely charged.

Pulse (Quick ones) Amber: Roomba is in refresh charge mode (16 hours) don't disturb the charging process during this period. 

How Many Years Does A Roomba Battery Last?

To a major extent, this solely depends on you.

How many times do you use it in a week? Or how well you maintain it with regular recharging.

On avg 3 -5 years is considered to be a good runtime, but that also depends on your usage.

So let's make a scenario, just to get an idea on it plays out.

Imagine your home covers an area of 1200 sq ft.

 let's say it takes an hour to clean it. (Typically it takes 1 to 2 hours, here I am taking the liberty of considering 1 hour)

And you use it 4 times a week.

So 1 hour×4 times× 52 weeks (a year) = 208 Hours.

1 year = 208 hours.
5 year = 1040 hours..

For me, 1000 hours in 5 years is pretty satisfying worth of usage out of my roomba.

At the same time, there have been some cases where the battery has lasted more than 10 years, so it all comes down to you, and your way of handling it.

Can You Replace A Roomba Battery?

Short Answer: Of course, you can.

The procedure of replacement is pretty much similar consecutive models.

After replacing the battery with the new one, charge it overnight, just like how you did when you first bought the equipment.

Should I Keep Roomba Plugged in?

It is required that you keep your roomba plugged in when it is not in use.

If you have a Clean Base or Home Base, then recharge it on either of them.
In case if you don't possess a Home Base, then you can plug it into a charger.

Thing is, if you left off your roomba from the Home Base for an extended duration of time, automatically it will initiate the 16 hours special charge cycle.

This extensive recharge refreshes the battery. Furthermore, it also prolongs the battery life.

How Long Does It Take A Roomba To Clean?

Here as well certain factors come into play.

Like for instance, the model of Roomba (for battery backup), home layout, the ratio of hardwood to the carpet (takes longer to clean it up), cleanable space and furniture.

With earlier models, the cleaning pattern was completely random.
So when the battery runs out (usually after a 60-minute session), it would go back to its charging dock, after getting charged you would be able to send it again either by manually, scheduled or with a voice command (provided it has wifi connectivity).

And the cleaning would start again.

With newer advanced roomba, came the systematic cleaning pattern, which meant that the robot would keep track of where it's been before the battery ran out(Here the battery backup can be up to 2 hours).

It also has a unique feature of Charge and Resume. Where the vacuum would find its way back to the charging dock, get charged, and then it redeploys on its own to finish the cleaning.

How Often Do You Clean Your Roomba?

When it comes to cleaning the roomba, it's not just removing the suctioned dust and debris from the bin, it actually involves cleaning other components as well.

  • Bin - It is necessary to do it after each use.
  • Brushes - Once per week (twice if you have pets ).
  • Side Brush - Once per month.
  • Charging Portals - Once per month.
    (You can use a clean, dry cloth, or lightly dampened melamine foam to clean the charging portal of both vacuum and Home Base).
  • Cliff Sensors Care Extractors - Once per week (twice pets are involved). 
  • Cliff Sensors - Once per month.
  • Floor Tracking Sensor - Once per month.
  • Front Caster Wheel (Bin Sensors) - Once each fortnight.
  • Front Caster Wheel - Once every fortnight.
  • Navigation Camera - Once per month.

Does Roomba Tell You When It's Full?

When the red (full bin) indicator starts blinking, it means that the roomba is full.

So the next obvious step here is to empty the bin completely. Furthermore, you also need to clean the sensor ports and full bin sensors in a thorough manner.

Failure to do so would keep the indicator blinking, and it won't stop until they are completely cleaned.

Sometimes despite cleaning all the bin sensors and ports, the indicator won't stop blinking.

In such case, it may become necessary to eliminate this error by rebooting the Roomba itself.

If the problem still persists, then it's time to call the customer care services.

Do Roomba Vacuum Empty Themselves Out?

We are practically at the doorstep of a Utopian era.

To answer the question Yes, the latest models do possess the feature of emptying themselves after cleaning your home.

To make it simple, this vacuuming robot now has its own vacuum.

The Clean Base has dual functionality, it is a charging base, and at the same time, it also acts as a bin.

When the job's done, the larger bin automatically sucks out the dirt and debris from the robot and stores it.

The home app of Roomba will issue an alert when the clean base becomes full.

Now you just have to replace it with a custom made dirt disposal bag ($13-15 for a pack).

The best part about these bags is that you don't have to worry about that awful dirt cloud which forms when you empty it manually.

The clean base bin has enough capacity to unload robot bin for 30 times.

So if you use your roomba daily, then you would have to clean the big guy once a month, and if you use the robot once in two days, then you won't have to worry about emptying it for at least 2 months.

Before we wrap this up, I would like to point out a few things which are quite beneficial for your roomba's functionality.

  • Utilize your roomba frequently.
    It has a rechargeable battery which works more efficiently when used often.
  • Always keep your robot plugged in.
  • Make sure your robot is fully charged and is in a dry and cool place.
  • Don't forget to keep it clean, any debris or hair if got clogged will put a lot of strain on the battery of your robot, which will drain the battery a lot faster.
  • Recharge your roomba soon after the cleanup, keeping it pending for days will compromise the integrity of the battery.
  • You are leaving town, and thus your robot will not be used for a few weeks.In such scenarios keep the battery installed (for Li-Ion battery) if it's a NiMH then remove the battery from your robot after charging it completely, and keep it in a cool, dry place. Recharge it again when you begin reusing it.
  • Make sure that you're robot has been plugged in correctly.


So, from the above models, which do you think is the best Roomba for pet hair? Well, all the models featured here are excellent in their own way. And, if you’re a die-hard pet owner, you’re definitely spoilt for choice.

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