6 Best Sponge Mop Reviews & Buying Guide for 2021

Wishing to shave off the burden of your nightmare called house chores? Well, put a permanent full stop to kneeling down and turning your hands placed on the floor like a windshield!

Mopping has now become smarter, quicker, and easier. Having an umpteen bunch of options while choosing the best sponge mop can be quite overwhelming.

So, here we have made an effort to hand-pick the top-rated sponge mops to assist you in buying the one that suits you the best!

So, landing our plane on the best household sponge mops and commercial grade sponge mops in 3.2.1!

6 Best Sponge Mop Reviews for 2021


How about cleaning different kinds of floors by using just one mop? Space saver, money saver, and convenient to the core! The Quickie 051TRI is one such amazing multi-floor mop set. Let's dive deep and learn the features.

Sturdy hand-wringer

With a strong selection of materials for designing this large sponge mop, this amazing piece of cleanliness offers a quick cleanup on the go.

Long and efficient

Being designed with a 48-inch handle, this amazing mop makes cleaning session stress-free by reaching all those peekaboo places which haven't been touched since years!

Scrubbing goals

If you are planning to give some scrubbing to your pale, not so shiny floors, then, this mop does the trick! Possessing the spot scrubber will suffice to give your floor that shiny soft look you always wished for!

Multiple floor cleaner

If you are worried about purchasing different mops for different floors, then, you are in the right place. This amazing long mop wipes out all your worries by being able to suit for multiple floors!

  • Lighter in weight.
  • Rust-resistant.
  • Cheap sponge mop.
  • Wrings out easily.
  • Mop head is not a great absorbent.


Want to make your household chores less of a burden? Bring in the Rubbermaid cellulose sponge mop and enjoy the aesthetics cleanliness! Let's peek at what's inside the best sponge mop one by one!

Long and durable

As the handle it comes with is amazingly durable, to add in more sturdiness, the sponge mop is designed to be 12'' wider.

Upon usage, the mop heads are bound to wear off. To ease your process of refilling them with the new ones, the refill heads are easily accessible.

Easy squeezy!

As squeezing of excess water can be troublesome, this amazing mop consists of a handle mounted lever that carries the process with ease.

Synthetic cellulose head

Being one of the best household mops and commercial mops, it features a synthetic cellulose head for a clutter-free and hassle-free experience of cleanliness overall.

Easy to carry

With such artful features, the stunning mop can be placed in your closet. Also, as the design is not that hefty, you can carry this cleanliness monger with ease!

  • Secure handle.
  • The bucket is of good quality.
  • Not too heavy.
  • Consumes less space.
  • Gets unbalanced at times.


Having a wholesome package of sturdy steel pole and a top-quality brush, this best sponge mop is bound to make your mopping time fun and easy!

Squeaky clean

Be it a quick cleanup or a couple of hours spent in deep cleaning your entire place, the Casabella assures you a squeaky clean and fresh place once done!

Lifetime guarantee

Owning a sturdy steel construction and topping up with a lifetime guarantee, the Casabella sure is designed to have the best mopping system!

Quality promised

If you want to spend your hard-earned money so that it is totally justified and useful, then, Casabella is the one you can swear by!

Being built with top-class quality and owning a stunning look, this mop being the best sponge mop in town is bound to surprise you with its useful features.


Annoyed by those brown little crazy things on steel mop? The Casabella shaves off your worry by bringing in the rust-resistant feature on its heavy-duty lever!

  • Long-lasting steel pole.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Wrings out the maximum amount of water.
  • Sponge is firm.
  • The refill should be more durable.
  • The sponge absorbs little dirt.


Having been pronounced as the best roller sponge mop, let's dig into the features this stunning piece possesses:

Long handle

Coming with an 11'' tall handle, this amazing mop has a PVA sponge which makes your cleaning session fun, easy, and quick!

Super absorbent roller mop

Having been designed to suck the foreign delegates residing on your floor, this wonderful mop set is capable of picking up from pet hair to random liquids!

Strong and sturdy robust handle

You are most welcome to explore this amazing mop commercially in places such as veterinarian shops, restaurants, etc. Thus, the robust handle can be of great grip and good use!

Say NO to slippery

Tired of being followed by a trail of watery dripping all over the so-called cleaned surface? Being one of the best floor cleaning mops, this mop comes with a gripper which is designed to be anti-slip!

  • Easy to squeeze out excess water.
  • Great for scrubbing the floor.
  • Picks up crumbs, pet hair, and liquids.
  • Durable and efficient.
  • The mop head is quite heavy.


Looking for a wonder mop which is compatible both commercially and domestically? Well, the Rubbermaid is designed to be a commercial-grade sponge mop to help you kick off the uninvited guest residing on your floors!

Quick in motion

Squeezing out excess of water from the mop head can be a pain.

So, as per the sponge mop reviews, this amazing mop comes with a front pull-lever which makes the boring process quicker and easier!

Great absorption power

Effectively absorbs the cleansers and other liquids to make the process faster and easier. Thus, the head of the sponge mop helps you by absorbing the liquids more quickly!

Long-lasting mop

By posing a strict NO when it comes to being affected by harsh and harmful chemicals, these PVA sponges are meant to increase the life shell of the mop!


Picks up cat or dog hair without having to pour in extra effort to clean up the place.

  • 37'' long handle for cleaning hard-to-reach places.
  • Suitable for commercial as well as household purposes.
  • Effective absorption.
  • Picks up pet hair with an ease.
  • Sponge takes a little pressure to open up after wringing.

Finding your floors pale and pathetic? Mr. Siga is one such stunning and efficient mop that is bound to add some sparkle to your lifeless floor.

Aesthetic performance

A solid steel pole combined with a durable and super-absorbent sponge head sure impresses you with its effortless cleanup.

Suitable for

Being able to work its magic on floors such a tile, wooden, marble, and laminate, this amazing mop is surely one of the best wringing mops.

Horizontal grooves

As the sponge is designed to be as wide as 11.5'', this amazing mop does its best in picking up pet hair, and dirt effectively.

As per sponge mop reviews, the horizontal grooves eases out the cleaning process more quickly and efficiently.

Thus, this stunning mop is happy to join your hands in commercial as well as industrial usage.

Pull and lift

The wringer designed to be "Pull and lift" offers great convenience in terms of squeezing out excess water.

  • Telescopic handle to assist in different tasks.
  • Sponge head is refillable and highly absorbent.
  • Efficient wringing mechanism.
  • Horizontal grooves for effortless cleanup.
  • Trouble in locking telescopic handle.
  • Brackets are flimsy.

Now that you are familiar with the top-rated sponge mops, we shall walk you through the buying guide.

Things to consider before buying the Best Sponge Mop

Having built our home with so much love, laughter, and fun, there's nothing wrong with being finicky to keep it clean and tidy. The thought of scrubbing the scars on the floor, a disastrous tiny batch of pet hair secretly layering your floor, and forever dripping liquids can be overwhelming!

Thanks to ever-growing technology which makes our lives nothing but simpler and clutter-free. With mops being introduced in our lives, half the household chores are lessened.

Thus, with such an umpteen options making us feel dizzy, here we help you pick the best sponge mop that suits you and your home!

Sponge type

Since sponge type is the most vital aspect to rely on, you need to pick your choice wisely based on your requirements.

If you pick synthetic sponge, then, you are going to love the long-lasting durability. As these sponges are anti-resistant to wear and tear, you can enjoy a prolonged session of quick cleanups and deep cleaning for years.

If you are more of a believer in mopping soothes your mind and there's no hurry, then, you should opt for microfiber ones.

The sponge mops with scrubber give your floor a new shiny look every time you mop.

Length of the pole

Since most of us are interested in the 2-in-1 mechanism, the idea of a lengthy pole comes into consideration. Why? How about a mop you buy to wipe the floor can be utilized to clean your windows up and glass walls? Sounds interesting!

So, if you are planning to hunt for a mop that does both these jobs, your goal should be towards fetching for a lengthier pole. Also, keep in mind to opt for the pole length that matches your height!

Wring it out!

Well, nobody loves the idea of using their hands to squeeze the dirt out of the mop and let the residue have a party on their newfound softness! Unless we are living in the 80s, we can take a moment to appreciate the advancement in terms of technology and thank the same!

Ease of use

To make your mopping session fun, entertaining, and easier, pick a mop that has an extendable pole feature. Thus, you find it fun every time you are trying to reach those peekaboo places.

Also, look for the mop which consists of an adjustable head. Thus, you can get the dirt out of anywhere, be it a small narrow passage or hard-to-reach cornered area.

Value for money

With so many features being condensed in one single mop, it is evident that the price can be fluctuating feature to feature. Thus, instead of finding yourself in a wandering crowd of umpteen features, make a list of your priorities and requirements.

Do not let yourself to be fooled by something hypnotizing attraction called discounts or offers! Not every discounted mop is great. Also, focus on what you need. With so many luring "offers", there's a high chance of getting trapped and ending up having nothing but a mop you hardly imagined.

Lightweight and movable

What's the use if you bring home an extraordinary featured, highly-absorbent mop which is heavy as a rock? A tool bought for your own convenience somehow becomes a burden.

Thus, before you reach your hand to your wallet spare some minutes to lift the mop up and feel its weight. If it is lighter in weight and if you are finding it easy to carry around, then, that could be your new home mate!

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Upon collecting a wide range of knowledge regarding the priorities while buying a sponge mop, let's shift the spotlight on FAQs. Let's brush off the most common doubts by clarifying your WH questions many have placed.

Which type of sponge suits the best for my home?

Well, there can be two excellent options which can be the stress reliever for you when it comes to mopping.

If you are looking for a strong and sturdy mop that can withstand every harsh situation by saying a firm NO to wear and tear, then, synthetic mop heads suit the best. Thus, it can be used for commercial, household, and industrial purposes too.

If you are a person who enjoys the cleaning process without any rush and hurry, then, microfiber does the trick.

How do I clean the sponge mop?

Well, cleaning a sponge mop can be a piece of cake as it is as easy as mopping the floor. Here's what you should do:

Prepping the mixture

There are a couple of cleansing mixtures you can rely on. Although we would recommend a mixture of water and some salt comes in handy and works best.

You should make sure to add hot water to the salt in a container.

Rinse the mop head

Now that you have the most effective mixture to cleanse the mop head, it is time to detach the mop head. Once you have detached, place it in the prepared mixture and let it sit for about 8- hours.

Pat it dry

Now, once it is all soaked and dirt-free, you can take out the mop head and allow it to dry. Make sure you give it a quick clean by dipping it in a bowl of clean water just to make sure that all the dirt, dust, and germs to be gone.

As the salt water mixture acts as a good recipient in the killing of the residue and germs, it is better to remove the dead ones to be sure.

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Which type of sponge mop works great on the hardwood floor?

Well, if you are concerned about your stylish yet sensitive hardwood floor, then, you should definitely opt for the microfiber mops.

As this goes easy and smooth on every type of floor for that matter, the microfiber mop sure is your goto.

They go just gentle and they make sure to not leave a trail of annoying streaks all over your delicate floors.


Having to choose the best sponge mop that ticks off every consideration of yours can be overwhelming. So, we hope we have made an attempt to channel your priorities, aspects, and requirements into consideration.

Pick the one which suits your necessities and enjoy living in a squeaky clean, hygienic and super fresh home sweet home!

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