Bissell 1547 Hard Floor Expert Canister Vacuum Review

While having a long, hard day, the only thing we expect when we return home is to find our place neat and clean. If you are a very busy person who has a jam-packed schedule, it is hard to clean up the mess created.

Thus, to make your cleaning task more comfortable, the Bissell 1547 Multi-Cyclonic vacuum expert is here to make the magic happen!

Being a hard floor pro, this fantastic vacuum cleaner is comprised of several interesting and equally useful features! Read on the details gathered which will make buying this useful gadget irresistible:

Bissell Hard Floor Expert Multi-Cyclonic Bagless Canister Vacuum

Multi-Cyclonic technology:

For better performance in suction, the Bissell canister vacuum makes use of multi-cyclonic technology. This technology yields excellent suction for a longer duration. Thus, promising a neat and hygienic cleaning throughout your home.

If you are wondering about the length of the power cord, then, it is 18 feet, and hose length is 7 inches.

Hard floor turbine foot:

When you are out for buying a vacuum cleaner, most of the times, the wholesome varieties and overwhelming options tend to put you in a dilemma.

Thus, before purchasing, have a priority list considering the type of floor, quality, usage (floor and carpet, and any other specific requirements.

Well, when it comes to Bissell 1547 cyclonic bagless vacuum, it is excellent in every criterion. By being rough and tough on dirt and soft and gentle on the floor, it is bound to present a totally clean home as an output.

Cleaning path width is 11 inches whereas the power rating is 9.2 amps. 

Multi-surface foot:

This fantastic vacuum cleaner shaves off the extra expense you would invest on a whole new machine just to clean the carpet.

Yes, this canister vacuum with a rotating brush can clean the carpeted floors in your home due to the presence of multi-surface foot.

The multi-surface foot offers an incredible pickup on areas covered with carpet. Thus, you do not have to worry about investing your time and money in cleaning the carpet.

Easy disposal:

Well, I don't think you will be all excited to clean the collected mess in the dust bin soon after returning home! Considering this reason, the dirt tank which can be easily opened from the bottom has been designed.

Thus, disposal is made super easy without causing any mess. You can just empty the dirt tank, and here you go! No mess! No irritation!

Compact design:

To deliver a hassle-free performance, this amazing vacuum cleaner was designed to be compact and lighter in weight. Thus, even while using it for a longer duration, the customers did not feel it heavy and stressful.

If you frequently shift to other places or if you are a clean freak, then, this gadget is your best buddy!

The compact and lightweight design make carrying the device easier. Also, you can store it in a corner which occupies a mere amount of space. Thus, with a minimal amount of time, you can get your cleaning session done without any hassle!

Dirt cup capacity:

As you already are now familiar with the excellent features of this amazing machine, you might want to check with the capacity of the dirt cup.

With all such amazing features, the machine is capable of suctioning and throwing every dust particle right away!

The dirt cup can hold up to 67.6 fluid ounce.

Parts & Accessories

The Handle, Hose, Hard floor head, Wand, Multi-surface head, Crevice tool and Dusting brush are including with Bissell hard floor expert canister vacuum.

Weight & Dimensions

Bissell 1547 hard floor expert canister vacuum is compact and lightweight design for easy carrying and storage.

The weight of this vacuum 9.3 pounds and dimensions 15 in. tall, 19.2in. long, & 12.9in. wide.

Final Verdict

Getting a tick mark to every basic essential, the Bissell 1547 hard floor expert is now booming in the market. So, bring home the gadget which gifts a healthy atmosphere in return! After all, health comes first!

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Last updated on September 17th, 2023

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