Bissell 9595a Cleanview Bagless Vacuum With Onepass

Bissell 9595a cleanview bagless vacuum with onepass has been a trending topic of discussion among the critics and buyers alike for quite some time since its launch. The most important reason for such a different attitude is the price tag attached to the Bissell 9595a Cleanview.

Priced at a cost below 150 $, the Bissell 9595a cleanview is hugely cheaper than its fellow upright vacuum cleaners available. A detailed discussion about the Bissell Vacuum cleaner will help in assessing the product better and certainly assist in understanding whether it is worth buying or not.

Product Summary

Manufacturer - BISSELL HomeCare, Inc.
Input power: 1200 watts
Dimensions: 14.6 x 10.8 x 31.5 inches
Weight: 15.1 pounds
Dust tank capacity: 2.2L
Shipping weight: 18.1 pounds
Cord: 25 feet
Warranty: 2 years
Triple Action Brush Roll
Included accessories: Turbo Brush Tool, Bottom Easy Empty Dirt Tank,
Washable Foam Tank Filter and crevice tool
conveniently located inside the extensions wand
Multi-cyclonic System

Why choose Bissell cleanview upright vacuum with one pass 9595a?

  • Bissell 9595a Cleanview priced at below 150$ is a budget-friendly buy.
  • The upright standing position along with the weight of 18.1 lbs makes it easily storable anywhere
  • Bissel onepass 9595a has a very lightweight design with a great outlook. 
  • Bissell vacuum cleaner is durable and sturdy due to the quality products uses in assembling it. The extended warranty period and great aftercare also increase the longevity of the Bissell vacuum cleaner.
  • Bissell 9595a has a 40 feet long hose with a 7 feet crevice cleaning wand. Cleaning car seats alongside creeks and crevices of the home can be quickly done with it.
  • For deep cleaning Bissell 9595a cleanview bagless vacuum with onepass is equipped with a 25-foot power cord
  • The Bissel Vacuum cleaner Is equipped with Turbo Brush Tool and motorized roller brush to clean faster.
bissell 9595a cleanview bagless vacuum with onepass

Detailed Review of Bissell 9595a cleanview bagless vacuum with onepass –

The collection Tanks

The dirt tank is removable and has a comparatively larger 2.2-liter capacity thus not needing regular cleaning. There is no need for additional disposable bag attachment. The foam tank attachment has a washable filter thus allowing easy wet cleaning if required.

In conclusion, the Bissell onepass 9595a has a tank unit which is easily cleanable without the need for regular maintenance or replacement.

Filtration system

Bissell cleanview with OnePass 9595a has a multi-level filtration system that allows intricate cleaning pattern. This prevents any pet hair or allergen remnants in and around the home. This multi-level filtration also prevents the outward backflow of the allergens and pollens collected while cleaning.

The additional Cyclonic System prevents the filters from clogging during cleaning. The other rotating brush cleans the finer dust elements minutely. The pre-motor filter is washable thus allowing an easy manual cleaning without assistance.

Multi-Cyclonic System Integration

The Bissell 9595a uses Multi cyclonic technology which promotes a robust suction system. This is accompanied by a motorized roller brush that constantly spins to dislodge dirt until the vacuum is switched off.

Suction Capacity

The Bissell 9595a uses the highly functional One Pass technology that combines the multi-cyclonic action with the motor power thus creating a powerful suction action. This dislodges firm dirt’s in single attempt thus allowing faster cleaning.

The cleanview 9595 works best on low and medium thickness carpets. It can also be used to clean windows and upholstery easily as the powerful suction easily dislodges all the dirt and dander. It especially works well in houses with pets.

Maneuvering and handling

The Bissell cleanview with OnePass 9595a weights 15 lbs approximately thus making it comparatively a lightweight upright vacuum. It can be easily handled by someone who suffers from some forms of disability. 

Turbo Brush Tool attachments

The handheld Bissell 9595a has a motorized Turbo Brush attachment that can clean dirt, hair, pollens, allergens and other unnecessary elements from cars, curtains, rugs, furniture and more very efficiently.

Maintenance and warranty

Two years of warranty along with a guaranteed aftercare facility allows proper support of the Bissell Cleanview for a longer tenure without any hassle.

bissell 9595a cleanview bagless vacuum with onepass

The Pros and Cons

  • Easy on the pocket
  • Strong cleaning capacity
  • Easy Cleaning without the need for disposable bags
  • Can be stowed away in a standing an upright standing position
  • Low noise emission
  • An extended warranty period of 2 yrs
  • Excellent after service
  • High-speed operation
  • No swivel motion
  • The rotating brush cannot be switched off manually
  • Does not work well on hardwood or concrete floorings
  • The hosepipe is not long enough for cleaning roofs and ceilings
  • Despite not having the swivel motion, it does not lack in speed and mobility and should not compromise the cleaning experience.

Final verdict

At first glance, the size of the Bissell 9595a is slightly daunting. However, the ease of movement after maneuvering it for some time makes cleaning easier. The shorter hose length has also been a reason for doubting the Bissell cleanview. However, this problem can also be quickly resolved with the purchase of extra hose from the manufacturer.

Another aspect is that many are skeptical about buying the product is the comparatively lower pricing of the model. However, the price does not affect the quality of work contributed by the Bissell Vacuum Cleaner. The extended warranty cover along with a great after service (post buy maintenance and handling), makes buying the Bissell cleanview with OnePass 9595a a wise investment.

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