As Pet, Cat or Dog Which One is Better?

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Cat or Dog which one is better

Among all other debate, the debate between a cat lover and dog lover is going on; it has no end.

No restricted boundary just is going on. What is your opinion? Which is the best pet cat or dog?

I know it is not easy work to express the opinion impartially. Cat owner will say the cat is the best on the other hand dog owner will say the opinion.

However, being obsessed, the benefit of any pet will not be overlooked. According to science, both dog, and pet provide the benefit for human health. Pet cat is more loveable than a dog.

However, the reasons are mentioned below:

Cat lover is intelligent to the dog lover

Handsome man kissing and holding a cat

Researchers from Carroll University focuses on the personality that cat lovers are more intellectual than a dog.

This does not mean that the cat makes his lover handsome, rather analyzing the charters of cat lovers.

The specialist found that pet lovers are open-minded, Frank.

Cat takes less food that dog

Cat takes less food that dog

It is much known to all that cat needs less food than a cat.

Even dog lover are worried about the food item of the dog; he has to think seriously about the food item, even he has to take budget on dog food.


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On the other hand, the cat lover should not think of cats food; A cat is satisfied having a small amount of food.

Cat love can provide cats food from his meal, so it does not increase expenditure like a dog.

Cat saves the environment from harmful insect

Cat saves environment from harmful insect

There are wide varieties of items of insect around our garden, balcony and others corner of the home.

Even there are different species of insects which harms the garden trees and flowers.

But when you have a cat; the cat will kill the bug, even a cat kills snake and rat, if you have a cat, be sure that your environment is free from rat, snake, and other harmful insects.

On the other hand, a pet dog is callous about this.

Cat deserves less expensive than the dog

Cat deserves less expenditure than dog

The ASPCA suggests that a pet owner can save a lot of money in a year.

A dog requires more supplies, toys, and service. But pet cat does not deserve more things like a dog.

So when any pet owner brings the monetary fact under consideration, he cannot but think that a cat is more preferable than a dog.

Guest find a different role of different species

Guest find a different role of different species

Just think what happens when your friend comes to your house?

The dog started to bark even it seems that the dog will split the cloth of your friend biting.

When you bring a dog in your home, it disgusts you in various way, but a cat is not seen everywhere, rather, it seems under a bed and over the freeze.

Cats never waste environment, but a cat do, you cannot keep .

Your dog in your room because it wastes most of the place of the chamber but a pet cat not, you can quickly train your cat, but it is not easy to train a dog.

A dog is at risk to your child

A dog is at risk to your child

Although a dog is your pet, you cannot say confidently that the dog never hurt your children.

If your child irritates the dog, it may harm your baby seriously, but a pet cat has no possibility of attacking your kids.

It is sure that the debate has no ending line like the debate of “hen and egg” which comes first in the world, Hen or Egg. To speak the truth, it has neither result, not the bottom line.

However, the benefit of dog and cat varies on different factor; methinks pet cat is better passionately but professional pet dog is better, what do you think?

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