11 Easy Ways to Remove Dog Hair from Carpet, Couch, & More

If you have a dog at home, besides all the squishy hugs and face licking, there's also dog hair that's inevitable. Getting rid of it is one heck of a task.

Trying to keep your house neat and clean sure can be daunting but once you have learned basic steps to remove dog hair from stubborn places like carpet, couch, furniture, etc. your life will be more than sorted.

Get ready to take notes!

Keeping Your Furniture Clean

Keeping Your Furniture Clean

Tired of constantly cleaning dog hair off your furniture? Here's a quick and easy solution for you!

Furniture like couches or dining tables can gather a lot of dog hair. In such cases, you can save yourself from all this by following these basic steps that will keep away from dog hair. This isn't very hectic or time-consuming as well.

Dryer Sheets Are A Great Choice

If your dog has left his hair legit everywhere and it is merely getting impossible for you to pick up, use dryer sheets.

Using dampened dryer sheets on the furniture makes the process easier and you can have a fur-free and fuss-free house yet again within no time.

Rubber Gloves

Removing pet hair with rubber gloves is another simple way to get rid of dog hair. All you have to do is wear it and start picking.

The reason why this works wonders is because the hair sticks onto the texture of these gloves, making it easier for you to remove it. Simply rinse the gloves once you have picked it to get rid of it.

You can also use a wet sponge. This is also another quick remedy to pick dog hair and remove it completely.

Use Soft Cloth For Furniture

If you find dog hair even on the wooden furniture, you can easily remove it with a soft cloth. Use it with a furniture polish or use anti-static dusting spray. This steers clear of electric charge and lessens the chances of hair re-sticking on it again.

Use Dampened Mop For Hardwood Floors

To clean dog hair from hardwood floors, use a sponge before mopping the floor. Pet hair sticks well on moist surfaces than dry areas. You can either go for a basic mop or try out Swiffer Wet Jet.

Many dog owners swear by this product as it is a low-effort mop that uses a cleaning solution and squirts it regularly while cleaning. It also mops even the tiniest of areas that have dog hair. Try it out.

You can also use Swiffer sweeper as it won't leave your floor dampened or moisture. This one has microfibers dusting pads that pick up almost every hair on the floor.

Use Rubber Broom for Bathroom Floors

When you are dealing with tiles in the washroom or kitchen floor, you can switch to using a rubber broom as it helps pick up loose hair stat without you having to put too much effort into it.

Having A Humidifier

Another good solution to save yourself and your dog as well in cold climates from nasty hair is to have a humidifier at home. They are not just for a great lifestyle but they help keep the hair away from clinging on the floor.

Removing Pet Hair From Clothes

Removing Pet Hair From Clothes

Never fear shedding season again! Here's how to get rid of pet hair on your clothes.

Lint Rollers

Lint rollers are your savior. Always have one handy before you step out of your house for a quick dog hair removal trick. This is one of the best solutions as you have to simply roll it on your clothes and you will notice how smoothly the hair sticks on it.

Follow it and hear no word against your dog from your buddies!

Spiker Dryer Baller

If the hair quantity on your clothes is quite something, throw your clothes in the dryer along with a dryer sheet. Follow this method for ten minutes.

This helps soften and loosen the hair from the clothes.  You can also add a softener to the washer and add more ease to the process.

Removing Hair From The Carpet

Removing Hair From The Carpet

Clean floors, happy home: tackling hair removal from the carpet.

Vacuum Cleaner

For cleaning dog hair from carpet, a handheld vacuum cleaner is your best bet. There are many types of vacuums available in the market based on different purposes.

If you wish to go hand-free, give roomba for pet hair a try. These vacuums are robotic and are the best way to get rid of dog hair. They work well without any intervention and just with a few settings, it will start spreading its magic.

Want to lay your hands on it? Try out bObsweep Pet Hair Or Roomba 890 that are impeccable vacuum choices to clean dog hair.

Traditional Approach

If you are not comfortable with contemporary equipment, even upright vacuum cleaners will work effectively to remove all the pet hair. It allows you to focus on areas to get rid of all the dog hair.

You can use this on your day's off when you have an ample amount of time on your plate and do the job precisely.

Regarding this one, you can try out Dyson Animal Compact Upright as it's a great option. When you use this method, go slow and run it in various directions. It will help loosen the hair. Clean the filters frequently post your cleaning sesh for amazing suction power. 

For best results, you can sprinkle some baking soda on the carpet, before you start cleaning with the vacuum. It takes away animal odor along with all the hair.

Bottom Line

Even though we love our dogs, you and your pet cannot afford to get sick due to hair shedding issue. Take care of the basics and lead a healthy lifestyle!

Last updated on September 19th, 2023

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