Eureka Mighty Mite Bagged Canister Vacuum Cleaner, Pet, 3684F

When you have a pet at home, dander and pet hairs becomes one of the days to day life crises that you need to handle every moment. An ordinary Vacuum cleaner cannot pick up fine dander and hairs. That is precisely why eureka pet lover vacuum 3684f has been one of the most tried and tested cleaner chosen.

In simple language it is incredibly lightweight, budget-friendly mighty vac that can be used to clean not just the hairs and dander but even litter and odor too.

From Upholstery to rugs and carpets or hardwood flooring, the eureka mighty mite pet lover canister vacuum can be used anywhere around the home efficiently.

Why choose eureka mighty mite Pet Lover 3684F?

  • The entire product weighs less than 10lbs, making it easy to carry and move around.
  • Consumes less power as the eureka pet lover vacuum 3684f is powered by 12 amp motor.
  • Uses a HEPA filtration system that is very effective in picking fine particles.
  • Eureka mighty mite bags pick up and lock away the fine hairs and mites that generally are not readily visible to naked eyes.
  • The canister vacuum has a telescopic wand with a 20-foot cord to reach the most distant crevices and cracks effortlessly.
  • The canister vacuum is equipped with Pet Power Paw technology to easily dislodge and remove pet hair and mites from curtains, upholstery, and beddings.
  • An additional blow port attachment allows blowing away dirt’s from places where suction does not work.
  • The vacuum has a Eureka mighty mite bag attachment has a relatively large capacity of 2.6.quarts approximately.
  • Has a cleaning path width of 10 inch which is reasonably good enough.

Detailed review of the eureka pet lover vacuum

eureka pet lover vacuum

Clean your home and show your furry friends some love with the Eureka Pet Lover Vacuum.

Assembling and Handling

The eureka mighty mite pet lover vacuum canister has been created keeping in mind the user-friendly quotient. Simple and easy assembling within a few minutes makes the remaining work easier.

Being extremely lightweight, it can be easily carried all around the house with no extra additional help required. The large wheelbase makes movements all around very easy.

Suction Capacity

Extremely powerful suction not only picks up sands and dirt but also pet hair and litter easily. The Eureka Canister Vacuum works well on hard flooring as well as rugs and carpets.

The motorized custom pet nozzle easily picks up the mites, hairs, and litters and directly drops them in the Eureka Mighty Mite bag attachment without clogging the hose or wand.

Cleaning Technology

The Eureka mighty mite pet lover canister 3684f uses HEPA filtration technology which is extremely useful in cleaning 99% of the dirt, dander, pollens, allergens, and hair around the floor plan of the entire home.

Hand Dusting of Drapes and beddings can be replaced by cleaning with the Eureka Canister Vacuum as the filtration system allows better cleaning than a manual dusting.

eureka pet lover vacuum

The ultimate cleaning solution for pet owners: the Eureka Pet Lover Vacuum

Space Consumption

Eureka mighty mite pet lover canister 3684f weights around 8.5 lbs and has a size of 11.3 inches x 9 inches x 17.5 inches, so it needs minimal storage space without invading or required extra closet area.

The Dust Bag Attachment

The dust bag attachment is relatively large, comparatively cheaper and can be used for a very long time before needing replacement. The best features of the dust bag better known as Eureka Mighty mite bags prevents the sucked in mites from crawling out of the pockets.

Vacuum Features

Pet Power Paw Turbo tool along with the Blowing Nozzle Port makes the Eureka 3684f a handy cleaning tool in a home with multiple pets.

The canister vacuum works exceptionally well in crevices, drapes, and walls beside smoothly operating on a hard floor or carpeted ones.

Safety Feature

A safety shutoff valve is one of the best additional protective features of the eureka pet lover vacuum 3684f as it allows the vacuum to shut down before it can overheat. This prevents any accidental issues from occurring.

eureka pet lover vacuum

Keep your home spotless and your pets happy with the Eureka Pet Lover Vacuum.


  • Lightweight for easy handling.
  • HEPA filtration for 99% cleaning.
  • Works well on all surfaces.
  • Minimal storage space.
  • A large size collection bag.
  • Cost efficient.


  • Insufficient cord length.
  • The absence of brush bar.
  • Slightly noisier than average Vacuum.

Product Summary


HEPA Filtration system


12 Amps

Dirt Capture Method



Telescopic Wand


Canister Type

Filtration Technology


Attachment Type

Hose, Electrical Cord, Bags, Brush,

Extra Attachments

Upholstery Tool, Vacuum Crevice Tool

Cord Length



(W x L x H) 11.3 in. x 9 in. x 17.5 in.

Additional Hose


Cleaning Areas

Carpets, Upholstery


Dose eureka mighty mite pet lover work on rugs and carpets?

Yes. The Eureka Canister Vacuum works well on rugs and carpets.

Is eureka mighty mite pet lover light weight?

Weighs less than 9 pounds to easily get into spaces where dirt and allergens linger.

What is the length of the cord?

The eureka mighty mite pet lover have 20-foot cord for extended operation.

Does the eureka mighty mite pet lover come with a HEPA filter?

Yes. The eureka mighty mite pet lover come with a HEPA filter and it captures 99.97 percent of dust for a cleaner home.

Is it able to clean fast?

Yes, It clean floors faster with a 10 inch cleaning path.

Final Verdict

Honestly, at barely 299$ the eureka pet lover vacuum 3684f is well worth. With a powerful HEPA filtration, it is very efficient in homes with pets. The vacuum can work well especially in a house that has patients suffering from Pet hair Allergy, Asthma, and other breathing issues.

The minimal space required for storing the Eureka 3684f makes it a perfect choice for small condos and big villas alike.

Overall it can be concluded that the Eureka mighty mite pet lover canister 3684f is a perfect budget buy for any home that has pets.

Last updated on November 19th, 2023

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