Here’s How Much Pet Owners Spend On Pet Foods In Each US State

You live alone or with your partner but more often than not, the daily routine can become mundane and to spice it up, you hunt for options. One of the solutions that have been found to make anyone happy is getting a pet.

But, just like anything else in life, there are a few challenges that you are bound to face when you become a pet parent. The journey is not just about wet kisses and snuggles but also the cost goes into adopting a pet.

How much, you ask? A good survey done by OppLoans across 50 US states shows how much money owners spend on a pet. On average, Americans do spend approximately $126.19 per month on pets.

American Pet Products Association (APAA) estimated around $75.38 billion are spent by pet owners around the country in 2019. APAA has done the breakdown as well.

We have analyzed both their data and tried to figure out how much pet owners are spending on pet food monthly in each state. The result is interesting and extra-ordinary.

The list surely includes your place and you are also probably one of them. Sounds fun, right?

Are pets smiling in your state


Starting with Alabama, 'the heart of dixie' and the 'cotton state', taking care of the pet is the utmost priority. In this state, their monthly expense on their mate is $158.13. They spend about $67.99 on their food. This means that the state is vested in providing their pet with a lifestyle above the average! 


Besides all the serene landscapes and waterfalls, Alaska is also a place where most of the people are pet lovers. But when we check their graph on pet food, this state spends only about $25.8.


Here's another state that's on the uprise when it comes to pet food spending. The pet owners of Arizona doll out about $46.76 monthly that shows that they keep their pet's life just around like average American.


When you get a pet, it’s not necessary that you give them an exotic treatment, going all the way, spurlging your money. To be honest, pets are not over-demanding, but yes, their food matters.

That said, the pet owners of Arkansas are not a big fan of shelling out their money on food as they are spending only $27.95 on their pets. Too low, right?


The very first thing that comes in mind with California are the lines 'It's a lovely place.' This stands true even for the pet owners who live here. This state has not only embraced other advancements but is focused on spending on good pet food. The average cost is $66.04 per month which is quite something!


Over the years, Colorado has been on the rise with the pet industry. As per our research people here spend about $28.07 on their food. Again, not outspending!


Connecticut people have also embraced pet-lifestyle to a great extent. It looks like they do not want to stick to traditional food as they are spending on an average of $44.23 on exotic pet food.


Geographically speaking, the fun fact is that Delaware is the highest of all on spending a massive amount of pet food. How much? Well, it sums to around $134.12! Yes, let that sink in.

Delaware I m coming


Speaking of Florida and it's spending on pet food, specifically, it is around $56.19 which makes it a good balance, we reckon.


While there is a lot of attention being paid to pet grooming and other care, there's also food that's not far behind. It shows a great development as the people of Georgia are spending $62.9 on pet food that shows true compassion!


Hawaii a sweet spot for tourists, is not very keen on spending on pet food? It is about $35.38. Even though it’s moderate, it’s on a rise.


The most frugal state of all, Idaho, is where the pet parents are as thrifty as they can be. They spend only about $8.6 which is the lowest as compared to other US states. We feel bad for the pets, though!


People in Illinois are fair to their pets as they splurge easily around $46.87 which doesn't look so bad.


Even though the monthly spending on pet food of Indiana only $37.16, the laws have made sure that high-quality food is a priority here. Pets are dependent on a certain brand their whole life and this state's commercial feed law steers clear of contaminants so that the pet's nutritional needs are met. 


Coming to Lowa state, it is almost equal to how much Indiana spends on pet food. The pet parents here pay out $38.45 for their furry buddy!


Analyzing the Data from opploans and APPA, We found that pet owners spend about $47.95 which means standard nutrition for the pet living in Kansas.


If we talk about Kentucky state, it spends about $36.53 on pet food. Considering the trend, we can say substantial growth over the past few years.


The pet food industry has seen a mind-blowing advancement in Louisiana as they doll out about $67.08 on pet food which sounds promising.


Maine as a state has adopted Federal food law. Companies can sell pet food made with ingredients that are sourced mainly from non-slaughtered animals. As far as spending on pet food goes, it is about $38.52.


This state is truly a mary land as the people here are compassionate and not stingy with their money. The spending on pet food here is $61.35.


The pet industry has been transforming and Massachusetts as the state has shown its immense care for their furry friends. The cost of pet food here equates to $117.17! It indicates that the ownership is high here.


While in some states, people are spending more on their pets and the pet food, Michigan as a state is lacking a bit behind as the cost equates to $37.14.


Just like Michigan, even Minnesota's percentage of pet food isn't so great. The pet owners of this state spend about $37.25.


The shift has been noticed even in Mississippi as the driving expense for pet food here is about $43.35.


Pet food industry is on a rise and even the pet owners of Missouri, are spending their dough on pet food. It is around $45.95 monthly.


Coming to Montana, even though it is full of tourist places when it comes to spending on their little pet, the graph is not very high. This state spends around $35.19 on pet food.


Cut to Nebraska state, even this place has a massive expenditure on self but when it comes to pet food, the cost equals only around $31.17 every month.


With time, pet food is becoming a serious business and it is selling at a faster rate. All thanks to states like Nevada, who actually take the quality of food into consideration. This state is looking at better nutrition and spends around $61.06 monthly on pet food. Hats off!

New Hampshire

New Hampshire state is another winner when it comes to outlaying their pet expenses. Out of all the categories, the food arena tops it all as this state is responsible for $64.19 total monthly spending on pet food.

New Jersey

Coming to New Jersey, this state spends around $43.43. It shows that this place is moving with the curve.

New Mexico

This state spends around $150 a month on rats and mice. Coming to pet food, they spend around $41.28 every month. This state is slowly advancing in this arena.

How Much pet owners Spend on Pet Foods

New York

While New York is a dream place for many, it turns out it is a safe haven for animals as well. In terms of their spending on pet food, it's $67.27 every month.

North Carolina

North Carolina people spend around $41.68 every month on pet food, which is convincing enough that food is a priority here.

North Dakota

North Dakota as a state is only 2% higher and ahead of North Carolina with its spending on pet food. The total expenditure monthly in this state is $43.


Here's another fact to be noted about Ohio. This state is into exotic animals and the highest spending monthly is on fish which sums to around $288 per month. Coming to how much they splurge on the regular pet food, the cost here is $62.36 that shows that this state is also on a substantial rise.


Chandler from FRIENDS, quotes "Oklahoma, The sooner state" While that's true, as far as the fun things are concerned, if we talk about their expenditure on pet food, it is only $31.61 monthly.


Coming to Oregon, even this state is lacking a bit behind when it comes to pampering their furry buddies with treats. Their monthly spending on pet food sums to $38.12.


In Pennsylvania, it looks like the pets are more than just family to the people here as the monthly expenditure is not limited and they splurge around $49.85 on pet food.

Rhode Island

Even though the pet industry is advancing with sustainable food items and no adulteration, Rhode island still lacks behind in this curve as the cost equates to only $31.17 monthly here.

South Carolina

As compared to North Carolina, the status of splurging on pet food in the southern state is comparatively higher as the pet owners here are making a purchase of $59.58.

South Dakota

Not all South states are promising. Even South Dakota is lacking behind as far as the expenditure on pet food is concerned. Their monthly spending is only $23!


The pet food has reshaped for several years, considering that this industry is the largest of all. However, the focus of Tennessee state on pet food is above average as the pet owners here are investing around $47.75 monthly.


It is estimated that currently, Texas is choosing to offer more than anything to their pets and seeking more focus on their health. With many growing trends here, as far as the pet food is concerned, they are doling out $78.38 every month.


The Salt Lake City has proven to be a safe place to live and stands in the best of U.S lists. But, when it comes to their expenditure on pet food, the monthly cost sums up to $15.48 only which is again the lower than other states.


Vermont as a state supports animal-lovers who have low income. Their massive support has helped them raise the bar as their spending on pet food is around $47.34 monthly.


The pet food industry in Virginia is on a rise and they have the world's leading pet food manufacturers. Even then, the monthly cost of food equates $39.96 which is moderate.


The people of Washington  spend almost $270 per month on dogs in particular. Overall, the cost equates to $80.14 monthly on pet food.

West Virginia

West Virginia, is far better than Virginia as the graph shows that the pet owners here are continuously expanding their spending on pet food. People here spend $52.49 on pet food monthly.


Coming to Wisconsin, the pet owners here splurge around $35.91which is said to rise in the coming years.


Wyoming has the lowest population in the list of U.S. Expenses on pet food is actually $43 monthly which is better than other states, given its size.

Phew! So did you see how the cost changes as per every state? These are not the only things but there are other factors as well that determine how much people are willing to keep their animal friends happy.


The question of dogs or cats is worldwide, but as per the report, there are more dog owners than cats who spend around $139.80 whereas for felines it is $92.98.


Statistically, married couples dole out more than singles and live-in partners which is $132.36 a month.

Speaking of genders, it is noticed that men spend more than women being a pet owner which is $136.99.

Currently, as we see, millennials are the highest spenders as pet owners. From the age of 18 to 24, this generation goes all the way and outspends around $173.67 a month. The role of pets is more than just being a dog or a cat, but they are an integral part of the family, who hold a monthly expenditure as well.

Millennials are not just spending on food but also care for their pet's lifestyle. The generation is seen adopting a wide range of other pet care products and is adopting innovations as well.

All in all, it is clear that pets get an equal amount of care as that of humans and it is only going to rise here on which makes us believe in humanity even more. Way to go, people!

Last updated on September 19th, 2023

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