How Tech Can Save You Time On Carpet Cleaning

Hiring a carpet cleaning company can be very time-consuming. However, using the right technique and products to clean it can cut down on the time you spend cleaning your carpet by half!

This article will tell you how to use the latest technology in carpets, including high-powered vacuums and specialty cleaners, to remove dirt and stains more effectively than traditional methods.

How Tech Can Save You Time On Carpet Cleaning

Streamline your carpet cleaning routine with cutting-edge tech.

Create an inventory

Take photos or videos of your furniture to know what needs cleaning and where to focus your efforts. If necessary, use a ruler in your photo for scale.

Remove loose dirt

If there's obvious dirt that's easily vacuumed off, go ahead and do that before doing anything else – it'll save time overall by helping you determine if deeper cleansing is necessary or not. For textiles like carpets, start from the top down toward the bottom.

Hose down the dirty spots

Using a pressure washer on your carpet before cleaning with traditional machines or chemicals can help break up stains otherwise difficult to remove. If you have an eco-friendly solution, spray that first, then use water for nozzle cleaning afterward.

Use chemistry sparingly

If you need to use commercial cleaners on your carpets, be sure to check the product label carefully and follow all instructions exactly. The last thing you want is to make things worse by doing something contrary to directions!

A high concentration of cleaner will not only fail at making anything better but could also damage some types of carpet fibers if used in excess. Just apply enough liquid to clean without ruining the carpet.

Use an ionic carpet cleaner

Use an ionic carpet cleaner

Clean your carpets faster and more efficiently with tech.

Acidic cleaners damage the carpet, but not all cleaners are acidic. Instead of using chemicals that can harm, try an ionic carpet cleaner that uses electrical current to break dirt particles off your rug rather than water-based chemicals.

Just be sure to follow directions carefully and test out the process on an inconspicuous area first to ensure you don't damage by mistake! You may also want to consider using a handheld machine with removable tanks for easy fill-ups between uses.

Steam everything away

Steam cleaning is very thorough and gently penetrates deep into fibers without chemical exposure, so it's great for stains and overall cleaning on any fabric. If your machine is big enough, you can use it to clean carpet or smaller surfaces by manually adjusting the wand's height level.

Sweep first before mopping

If time is of the essence, sweep your floors before mopping to avoid spreading dirt around needlessly. A broom will pick up dust and debris that a mop redistributes to other areas, so do this first if you don't have much time but still want to get the job done efficiently.

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Minimize mopping accidents

To further prevent messes, be sure not to leave any puddles of water on rugs because this could seep through porous fibers to create a permanent stain over time. Dry mop as soon as you're finished to avoid leaving wet footprints behind. 

Make a plan on the spot

If there's no time for planning, be ready to improvise and make do with whatever tools and supplies are available. This means keeping your cleaning products in good condition so they'll work most effectively, getting the job done as quickly as possible without sacrificing thoroughness, and having alternatives if needed, such as paper towels instead of microfiber cloths.

Clean all surfaces with equal care

Don't forget about less conventional fabrics like leather and upholstery – these items need just as much TLC when it comes to regular maintenance! You can use similar methods online for these surfaces by taking the time to read the product's label more carefully.

If you have leather items, soft suede microfiber cloths are great for polishing by hand, even without a cleaning solution. A vacuum is usually sufficient for upholstery fabrics to get rid of dust and surface particles that need tackling.

The carpet cleaners are your best choice for transforming your carpets into a fresh look, but it will take time. The good news is that with the assistance of new technology, there can be less time waiting around for professional carpet cleaners to get your job finished.

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Last updated on September 25th, 2023

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