How To Clean And Maintain Laminate Floors?

The most important aspect of any home is the floor. One might argue about the walls and the ceiling but it is the floor that you walk on at all the time the floors are what gives the overall dynamics of the place anesthetic completion.

One of the most sort after and preferred choice for flooring is ‘Laminate’. With a wide range of custom colors, designs and patterns, laminate floors suit any theme or place from official buildings to residential properties.

There is a reason why most interior designers love to work with laminate flooring. Laminate floors are long-lasting and durable, easy to install, cheaper than most flooring alternatives and also much lighter than most floorings.

Like any other flooring, Laminate floors can also become dirty or have stains and spills. However, they cannot be simply cleaned like normal marble or mosaic flooring. Cleaning Laminate floors without ruining them requires a bit of knowledge and research.

Steps to clean the laminate floors easily

Laminate floors are fairly easy to clean. The steps involved can be divided into 3 separate sections-



A clean start to the day begins with vacuuming the laminate floor.

Vacuuming the laminate floor should always be the first step. In the absence of a vacuum cleaner, you can use a broom or dry cloth to wipe the entire floor surface well.

This ensures that all the loose dust particles, hair, dead skin, and pet fur are removed from the floor completely.

Cleaning these fine particles and furs is a hassle when wet mop or steamer is used. These dirt particles often react with the moisture and create murky imprints while the finer hair and fur remain on the floor as they are not easily picked by mops and steamer.

Additionally vacuuming or dry brooming dislodges the stains and clogs on floor surfaces and corners for a better and faster next step.

Sweeping or Vacuuming the floor daily helps in reducing the need to mop or steam clean the floor frequently and thus keep the floor free of dust and stains.

Wet Cleaning or Steaming

Wet cleaning or Steaming

Steam your worries away with this top-notch cleaning method.

Steaming is ideally believed to be one of the best cleaning methods for any surface. Besides being extremely good in removing stains and specks of dirt, steaming also disinfects and deodorizes the surfaces well.

The high-pressure steam easily breaks down the most abhorrent and adamant stains and marks and cleans the surface to its entirety. Since the amount of moisture used in Steam cleaning is minima, the floor is absolutely safe.

In the absence of a steam cleaner, one can use a mop to clean the laminate surface. However, it is important to remember that there is very little water in the mop. Excess water can cause staining as mentioned.

Laminate floor mops are available that are specially designed to clean laminate flooring with minimal moisture content.

Mild soaps or vinegar solution can be used while mopping or steam cleaning laminate floors. However, care should be taken to never use any other chemical agents or detergents on laminate floors.

Specific custom made laminate floor cleaner are available that are perfectly safe to use without causing any damage on the floor. However, care should be taken to not overuse these products.

Ideally, steam cleaning or wet mopping of laminate floors should be done, once in every 2 months or so.

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Drying out the laminate floor is very important. You do not want additional issues of molds, mildews or stains to destroy the beauty of the floor.

Be it steam cleaner or minimally wet mop, there are bound to be few moisture droplets and remnants. Air drying is often the best solution as carrying the entire laminate outside to sundry is not possible.

Additionally, fans and dehumidifiers can also be used to quickly remove any moisture.

Knowing the right do’s and don’ts of maintaining Laminate floors

The Do’s

  • Read the instruction manual as most laminates come with custom manuals and guidelines.
  • Use steam cleaners to clean the laminate floors.
  • Use mops to clean the surface every other month.
  • Protect the floor from scratch caused by moving of furniture by placing mats and rubber stoppers below them.
  • Use natural DIY floor cleaners to clean laminate floors.
  • Trim pet nails to avoid scratching the laminates.
  • Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and soil particles regularly.

The Dont’s

  • Abrasives, bleach and other cleaning agents are a strict no for cleaning laminate floors.
  • Wearing stilettos and pointed heels on the laminate surface as that can cause dents and scratches.
  • Letting water or any liquid sit on the laminate floor for long as it may cause staining.
  • Never use pine floor cleaning agents on laminates.

Tips to maintain the shiny of the laminate floor for a long time

  • Laminate floors can shrink during the dry season due to a lack of humidity. Using a humidifier every few days keeps the laminate in good condition during this time. 35 % to 70 % humidity all year round is optimal for laminate floors.
  • Candle Wax stains can be removed by scrubbing with rice powder and vinegar mixture. Being mildly abrasive with no chemical or corrosive inclusions, it cleans away the wax without causing any scratch marks to form.
  • Place a welcome mat at the entrance to catch most of the soil, sand and other unwanted particles. Placing floor mats all around the property especially near door and balconies can reduce the number of foreign particles from staining the laminate floors.
  • Harsh and tough stains can be pre-treated with a paste of baking soda and left for some time until it dislodges. A mildly wet mop or fabric can be used to remove the remnants.

Laminate floors can last for a very long time if proper care is taken. Small tips and trick aside, following the proper guidelines, ensures that the laminate floors can remain in a sparkling new condition for a long time.

Last updated on September 20th, 2023

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