How To Clean & Maintain Rubber Flooring (Expert Suggestion)

Though rubber flooring is one of the popular flooring choices from public places to private spaces, it has some demands.

Yes, to preserve its original look, it demands to be cleaned, maintained, and given regular attention to it. 

What rubber flooring is?

Being one of the budget-friendly, durable, low-cost cleaning and maintenance floor coverings.

The material i.e., the rubber is prepared from natural tree rubber or prepared using a synthetic source say, recycling car tires, etc.

In places especially with chances of heavy footfall, rubber flooring is the smartest choice that you can make.

Thus, train stations, shopping malls/centers, airports, etc rely on rubber flooring.

As it does not absorb dirt, debris, mildew, it is expanding its demand in the household too.

It secures your home gyms, kitchens, play area by giving a comfortable grip.

How to clean rubber flooring?

Though the rubber flooring is durable and budget-friendly, we need to check on it by maintaining it regularly to conserve its originality and qualities.

First time cleaning the rubber flooring

It's quite predictable that you intend to clean your rubber flooring right after the installation to get rid of any debris present during the process.

Before hopping in to clean it, check what type of flooring it is. If it is static weight or click-together rubber flooring, then, you may proceed with the cleaning process.

But, if the flooring is made to secure with an adhesive, then, you have no choice but wait for at least 72 hours. You get a "go" for cleaning only after making sure the glue has dried completely.

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Placing dust-control mats to avoid dust, debris, and dust

Of all the maintenance tasks, the most common is getting rid of the small debris, dust, dirt collected from the walker's foot or the times when the door is opened or closed.

Dust Control Matts

Preventing dust and debris from spreading with strategically placed dust-control mats.

Since this is the major concern in most of the places with heavy footfall, you can go for investing in dust control mats.

You can place these dust control mats in places where people tend to spend their time mostly standing. 

For example, the reception desk's front place, staircase's foot, etc.

Check on what type of sub-floor you have

Even though rubber flooring is well-known for its sturdy and durable nature, there can be a potential issue.

This is based on what type of sub floor you have underneath. If it's plywood, then, there can be rotting or molding due to liquids causing more problems.

Thus, it's important to handle them by opting for proper materials.

Light cleanup every now and then

Make sure to proceed with the damp mopping on the rubber flooring right after you finish vacuuming or brushing.

Light cleanup every

Maintain the shine on your rubber flooring by following up with damp mopping immediately after vacuuming or brushing.

This process must be carried out daily if the rubber flooring is in any public place or business. If at home, you can give a check to it every week.

To waive off extra liquids residing on the flooring surface, you can use a softer mop. Mix water with any PH neutral mild detergent for better results.

Deep cleanup periodically

Make sure you give a deep cleanup using a wet vacuum at least a month or two.

While mopping the floors, make sure you allow the cleaning solution to sit on the mopped floor for at least 1 minute.

Deep cleanup

Thorough cleaning is key! A wet vacuum and patience with cleaning solution can leave your floors spotless for months to come.

Now, you can start rinsing the floor by going over them with a wet vacuum. You should remember to make use of detergent which is mild and PH neutral.

Mi the detergent well with water and always go for soft-brush setting in the wet-vacs.

In addition to the amazing cleaning tips by experts listed above when combined the maintenance tips make the flooring rejoice for years.

Here are some of the most useful maintenance tips by experts to have a clean, sturdy, and beautiful rubber flooring for years to come!

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Rubber Flooring Maintenance tips

Cleaning up the spills

Well, it's a human tendency to spill some of our food, juice, water, cool drinks without any purpose!

Even though rubber flooring is well-known for its durability and sustainable by not absorbing liquid spills, you need to draw the line!

Make sure to clean up the flooring as soon as you notice any spill on it. As too much moisture is ought to wreck the adhesive, it's better to clean up the place then and there itself.

Secondly, it's our preliminary concern to maintain our home/space neat and clean.

Say "NO" to harsh chemicals

As you already know, rubber flooring is super easy to clean.

All you need is just a soft brushed mop, a mild detergent, a wet-vac and you are done!

At times, it's pretty tempting to get attracted to the fancy adds, huge discounts, or the "never again" sale on the cleaning materials.

The rubber flooring hardly requires any chemicals to keep it clean and long-lasting.

Thus, you can strictly say NO to harsh chemicals even if it is for free!

You should know that the waxes and chemicals which have been used in the floor seals can change their color.

Also, the harsh chemicals present in the cleaners can wreck your floor by eroding it gradually.

If you want your rubber flooring to stay clean, neat, and sturdy for years to come, you should follow the cleaning tips and maintenance tips provided in this piece of content.

Last updated on September 19th, 2023

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