How To Get Motivated To Clean Your House?

A clean home is not only comforting but also healthy. Cleaning your house is not fun. It is a boring chore unless you are a clean freak. Almost everyone puts off cleaning until the very end. This is mostly due to busy schedules that lead to a temporary shift in priorities.

A regular cleaning schedule will mean less hassle the next time you clean your house. A bit of motivation is all we need to get started. Let’s look at some of the ways you can get motivated to clean your house-

Dress Up To Clean

Dressing up to clean means wearing something that will put you in a mindset to start cleaning. In many cases, your sweatpants and house shoes may not let you take your job seriously. Wear a pair of your most comfortable shoes and dress up in overalls.

Some people get in the right frame of mind by wearing lipstick! Dressing up reminds you of the task ahead and keeps you motivated. Wear any dress that puts you in the right frame of mind.

Music Helps

Your favorite music will let you waltz through the work. Choose something upbeat. It will elevate your mood and make you work faster. Cleaning will become more enjoyable and less of a chore. You can combine music with dance moves with chores like wiping or brushing. It will help you clean and stay fit.

Importance Of Deadlines

Invite your favorite person for dinner or throw a party. This will help you stay focused on the task at hand. Be realistic and give yourself ample time to finish the job. A timer helps especially with kids. The kids get excited if they try to beat the clock and set a new record.

Get Cleaning Tips

Get cleaning tips

Motivate yourself to clean with these easy and effective cleaning tips!

You can get cleaning tips from magazines or YouTube. These tips will make your task easier and more efficient. Apart from the motivation they provide, they also help you get better organized. It is important that you don’t spend too much time learning about these tips and neglect cleaning.

Try Out New Cleaning Products

Try out new cleaning products

The excitement of trying something new is enough to get you started cleaning. Buy stuff that is touted to save money and time. The next time you tackle that long-pending task of cleaning an aisle or a bathroom floor, try out something new to ease the dread.

Involve The Family

Delegating some cleaning tasks to your family will not only help ease the burden but also end up with some quality time together. Make sure that you divide the tasks equally. You can also plan for an incentive when done. It can be a dinner outside, a movie, or a trip to the mall.

Clear Out Clutter

Get rid of clutter occasionally. Be it a garage sale or a charity. A clutter-free home is much easier to clean and maintain. Persuade your kids to get rid of old stuff. It will work if it translates to some cash in their piggy bank.

Store the things that you do not use frequently. You can pack it and put it in an attic or the basement. This will not only extend their lives but also reduce clutter. You can easily retrieve them whenever you need them.

Get A Friend To Help You

Get a friend to help you

You can invite a friend you trust to help you clean. It will help lessen the burden and also keep you company. You can keep each other motivated until you finish the task. You can help your friend on another day to clean up his/her home.

Break The Task Into Smaller Ones

For some of us, it is impossible or not practical to finish all the cleaning in a day. To make it doable, all you need to do is break the chore into little, doable bits. You can assign yourself a task a day until you have a spanking clean home.

It may be cleaning a room a day, doing the bathroom after a shower, or cleaning utensils after each meal. You can save the bigger chores for a weekend. If you can fit this in your everyday routine you will have a clean home all the time!

Get Into The Habit

It is easy for us to throw the clothes on the floor while changing after a hard day’s work. If you have a laundry basket near your wardrobe, it will prevent your used clothes from being strewn about on the floor. Make it a habit to replace things where you took them from.

In the long run, it will go a long way in helping you keep your house tidy. Clean a spill when it happens, do the vessels after each meal, do the bed when you wake up and tidy up before bed. All this will save you a ton of cleaning on weekends.

Reward Yourself After Cleaning

Once you have satisfactorily cleaned your house, its time to relax and bask in the glow of a job well done. A relaxing bath, a drink, or a sumptuous dinner in your favorite restaurant. You have earned it! You can also use this time to plan next week's clean up schedule.

Remember, little every day clean up tasks will help keep your home all the time!

Last updated on September 20th, 2023

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