How To Simultaneously Have Pets And A Clean Home?

If you live in a pet-loving household, chances are you, more than anyone, understand the struggle for a clean house. Sure, your furbaby is cute and cuddly right now, but are they going to look as cute when they tear up your upholstery or shed fur on your new carpet?

You'd think that owning pets would mean giving up on a clean home—but au contraire! It is possible to own your big fluffy monsters & keep your house clean at the same time.

While it's not possible to make your pets act more like humans and clean up after themselves, there are ways to keep all the pet dirt at bay as long as you take a few preventative measures.

Here are our best tips for keeping your home pet-friendly without sacrificing cleanliness: 

Regularly Groom Your Pet

A little grooming goes a long way in maintaining a clean and pet-friendly home.

Regularly Groom Your Pet

If your dog looks like a mud-matted rug after every walk, then it's time to set up a pet grooming routine. This is especially necessary if you own a large, fluffy breed that's prone to shedding, like a Golden Retriever.

Whatever dirt you remove from your dog will obviously be transferred to the furniture in your household. Not to mention, regular baths will keep your dog (and ergo, your home) smelling fresh for longer.

Do take note that you shouldn't use pet shampoo too often, as too many baths can strip the essential oils from your pet's fur and dry out their skin, especially if you live in a cold climate.

For daily grooming, a quick wash-down with just plain old water should do. A proper wash with pet shampoo should be limited to once every few weeks, or until your pet gets especially stinky.

Make sure to make bath time predictable and consistent, as this will help your dog adjust to the new routine. You'll also want to ensure that bath time is a positive and stress-free experience by offering tons of treats and praise before and after the bath.

If you don't have a yard, make sure to wash your dog in an area that's easy to clean, such as a laundry room or in a tub.

If this is the case, you'll want to thoroughly dry your dog before setting them loose indoors, as your home will reek of the wet dog smell otherwise. Use a towel to soak up all the excess water and then let your dog shake the rest out.

Once your dog's fur is dry, don't forget to brush it out! Brushing will transfer oil from your dog's skin to its fur, keeping their mane glossy and neat, and reducing the amount of fur they shed on your carpets and upholstery.

Depending on the dog breed, you'll also want to get your dog's fur-trimmed or groomed by a professional every couple of months as well.

Consider Painting Surfaces Dark

A bit of an extreme tip, but a lot of pet-lovers swear that their sanity was saved by painting the surfaces of their homes a dark color. Dark paint easily hides smears from wet noses and mud from wagging tails, plus you can purchase a glossy finish that's easy to clean and wipe down.

Choose a dark color that goes well with the interiors of your home and paint surfaces that your pet is constantly in contacts with, such as lower cabinets in the kitchen or closet doors.

Choose the Proper Tools of vacuum cleaner

Cleaning up after your furry friend doesn't have to be a hassle. Just choose the right tools!

Choose the Proper Tools

When it comes to having pets in your home, you'll want to invest in specific cleaning supplies like a sturdy vacuum cleaner or a spot remover.

There are tons of pet-specific vacuum cleaners on the market that are great for sucking up fur from couches and carpets. Some even come with features that help banish bad odors!

When picking out a vacuum cleaner, you'll want to look for one with an extra-strong suction and a good brush attachment. Consider the flooring type in your home as well, as if you've got a pet that's particularly fond of shedding, daily vacuuming may destroy flooring such as wall-to-wall carpeting.

You'll also want to make sure the vacuum comes with a quality filter, as it will most likely be constantly clogged with hair or dirt.

Even with a "non-shedding" pet, a vacuum cleaner is still a vital home cleaning device. Aside from hair, pets can bring it all sorts of dirt, dust, and debris into the house from their paws and fur, requiring you to vacuum constantly.

To avoid dust, hair, and dirt build-up, makes sure to vacuum your furniture at least once a week.

Hire Professional Help

While you might think this isn't the most affordable option, housekeeping even just once a month can do wonders for the cleanliness of your home.

By having a professional cleaner keep all the fur, dirt, and dander in check, you not only save yourself a ton of time and stress, but you also make sure your home stays a bit more organized for that much longer.

Last updated on February 17th, 2024

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