How To Vacuum A Shag Rug

For some time now, shag rugs have been popular design rugs in the United States. Also known as  Shaggy rugs, they are distinctive for their long pile, a feature that gives them an overall shaggy and full look.

People love buying these rugs because they make rooms look warm and welcoming. However, the flip side is that their long delicate fiber strands make cleaning them difficult. This is because they often get entangled in the vacuum cleaner when drawn up by suction.

Owners of these rugs must clean them with great care as any mistake here can damage the rug’s strands and its overall look.

Vacuum a Shag Rug

Suck up the mess: the ultimate guide to vacuuming a shag rug.

Types Of Vacuum Cleaners That Clean Shag Rugs

As you probably know, the market is rife with a variety of vacuum cleaners. Of them, the upright vacuum cleaner is the best when it comes to cleaning shag rugs of pet hair, dirt, and dust.

Next comes the Canister Vacuum for Pet Hair whose strong suction capacity can draw all the dirt, dander, and pet hair from the shag rug. Besides, its large wheels make working with the rug all that easier to manoeuver.

Yet another reliable vacuum type that takes care of pet hair removal from shag rugs is the stick vacuum. The stick vacuum for pet hair is ideal for removing pet hair in shag rugs, chiefly due to its HEPA filtration feature which helps trap dirt, debris, and pet hair.

And lastly, if you have a flexible budget for a vacuum cleaner, you can go in for a pet vacuum cleaner, which may be expensive but will do an excellent job of getting rid of pet hair from your rug.

Go in for a Roomba for pet hair whose 10x suction capacity, extended battery life, and ability to work on shag rugs can give you the best cleaning quality.

How To Successfully Vacuum A Shag Rug

Before you get into cleaning your shag rug thoroughly, you need to first execute the preliminary cleaning methods outlined here. Once you’re through with these, move over to the next few steps of actual cleaning and see the difference in your rug after the extensive cleaning.

Preliminary Cleaning Methods

Before you go with a vacuum cleaner, begin by using these methods to get rid of the maximum amount of dust and debris in your shag rug:

  • Shake out the Dust - Ideally, it would be best for you to give it a good shake so that all the dust gets out. This will remove most of the dust if not all. Next, hang it over a laundry line to get rid of all the malodors.
  • Beat out the Dust - With the help of a rug beater, get rid of any excess debris.

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Vacuum Cleaning Your Shag Carpet

Here’s a step-by-step method of cleaning your shag rug to your total satisfaction:

1. To begin, vacuum your shag rug. Follow this up by cleaning the floor. By doing this, any dust and debris that fall off the rug will collect onto the floor which can then be cleaned. This way, you won’t need to re-clean your floor.

2. Is your bag empty? Check before you begin work or the vacuum’s suction feature will not work effectively due to the blocked debris. Besides, this may also lead to an overheated motor which could also damage the gadget.

3. If you see large debris pieces around, pick them up before you begin vacuuming. If you erroneously think that the vacuum’s suction will draw up these things, think again as they could ruin your vacuum’s attachments.

4. Before you begin, please remember that cleaning a shag rug involves a two-step process. So, be sure that you choose the right setting on your gadget. This means choosing the power head first. And, ensure you have the gadget’s small brush handy.

5. Turn the rug over and clean it. You might need some help with this, depending on the rug’s size. Use either a beater bar or the powerhead of the vacuum cleaner for this. Place the edges of the rug between your feet so that they remain secure and vacuum the rug gently.

This action will help to extricate the debris from the rug. When it falls to the floor, ensure that it doesn’t enter the powerhead.

6. Roll up the rug and place it aside. Next, vacuum the area occupied by the rug. Open up the rug and replace it in its rightful position, but this time, on its flip side. If you find any loose dust or debris, remove it with the help of the vacuum’s small brush attachment. 


By using the right tools, you can successfully and easily clean your shag rug. These rugs are wonderful to have in your home, so take the best care of your shag rug and extend its life by doing so.

Last updated on September 20th, 2023


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