Meet The Real Furball, Persian Cats!

The rivalry in our head about owning a dog or a cat is never-ending. If cats have won the battle, here’s our digging is done right on Persian cats. Read and know all the reasons why you must own one.


Persian cats, the world’s most cutest and the furriest breed! The Persian cats are the oldest of breeds that have existed for long. First discovered in Persia, now known as Iran, these cats have been around since 1600’s.

Speaking of this beautiful cat’s origin, it came from the cradle of Mesopotamia. Since they have long hair, it resulted in mutation and the appearance of this one is so striking that the cat traveled along Pietro Della Valle, who was known to show off the long-haired cat to the world. Previously, these cats had silky gray fur. Owing to the selective other breeds now, they now come in bi-colors as well.

In the 19th Century, when breeding of Persian cats came into the picture, these ones were often bred with Turkey, Afghanistan and Asiatic cats. During 1871, these cats were very famous and always made special appearances. They were known in the Victorian era and were called the celebrity of the time.

Through breeding, these cats became fancier with time. They are known to have a round head, snobby nose, and chubby cheeks. Their fur hair is longer and needs to be taken care of on a daily basis. Even Angoras were famous in the past, but the Persian cats passed the test with pride.

Even in the U.S, they became well known than the Maine Coon cat, which once upon time enchanted people with their beauty. This American sweetheart, later on, was replaced by a Persian cat. In no time, these cats became the most favorite of people, and everyone started hunting for one.

The best part of owning this glamorous baby is that you wouldn’t have to do a lot of work behind them. Persian cats have expressive eyes with which predicting their mood becomes quite easy. Most people worry about owning them due to their aggressive nature, but in reality, if you just offer them care and affection, they will love you forever.



Persian cats are docile, quiet and sweet in nature. They enjoy sitting on laps and find it a rightful place. They own pride and superior qualities that no other cat can beat. These cats are also known to be friendly with kids in the house.

Persian cats are attracted to people who pamper them and can play with their hair every now and then. These cats are really protective of their owners and might take time in trusting other people.

Persian cats have their meals timely, like to play a little and expect love while they grant a lot. These cats are of a sincere nature and might not bother you every time. While you are at work or doing chores at home, these cats adorn chairs or beds and spend some alone time.


Mixed breed cats might have health issues which could be due to the genes. Just like that, even Persian cats are known to be prone to health problems which are majorly related to face.

  1. They can suffer from constant breathing problem and have blocked nostrils.
  2. They could also face dental issues.
  3. Their eyes tear a lot and can grow issues like entropion or cherry eye.
  4. They are sensitive to heat, and hence it is advised that they are in a cold environment.
  5. A fungal infection could also be another problem.
  6. Other issues include skin conditions and hair loss.

persian cats

Persian cats can live about 15 years if they are taken care of well.

Persian cats can also be prone to deafness. As the age passes by, these cats can also suffer from heart problems. Females can develop a hernia and different issues like cysts or skin tumor. Males have increased chances of cryptorchidism.

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Persian cats need extra pampering for sure. Since they are hairy, you will always need to have the best pet vacuum to control any sort of hair fall, or it could be a problem for the family. These cats need to be groomed every day. Their long, beautiful layer of coat doesn’t stay tangle free all day long, and hence they need to be combed gently. They should also be bathed regularly.

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With their luxurious coats and captivating eyes, Persian cats are simply enchanting.

You also need to clean their litter box often. Persian cats consider themselves to be very hygienic and so if they do not feel comfortable in the box, they will stop using it.

Cleaning the corner of their eyes is mandatory to keep them away from eye infections. Brush their teeth daily and if you lack time, doing it twice a week is okay too.

You must keep your cat indoors because they are not adaptable to other animals outside the house and fail poorly. Letting them go out often will invite troubles for you to clean them constantly and also groom their hair. Cats can’t be leashed while you take them for a walk, so the chances of this beautiful cat being stolen are higher.


Persian cats aren’t friendly with hyperactive kids or dogs, but with a gentle kid, they are always fine. They get anxiety when they are around kids or dogs that chase them.

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Last updated on February 10th, 2024

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