Meet The Real Furball, Persian Cats!

The rivalry in our head about owning a dog or a cat is never-ending. If cats have won the battle, here’s our digging is done right on Persian cats. Read and know all the reasons why you must own one.


Persian cats, the world’s most cutest and the furriest breed! The Persian cats are the oldest of breeds that have existed for long. First discovered in Persia, now known as Iran, these cats have been around since 1600’s.

Speaking of this beautiful cat’s origin, it came from the cradle of Mesopotamia. Since they have long hair, it resulted in mutation and the appearance of this one is so striking that the cat traveled along Pietro Della Valle, who was known to show off the long-haired cat to the world. Previously, these cats had silky gray fur. Owing to the selective other breeds now, they now come in bi-colors as well.