Ovente ST2620G Bagless Canister Cyclonic Vacuum – HEPA Filter

If you are also one of those whose efficiency level kind f drops down when it comes to cleaning, then, you are in the right place!

Ovente ST2620G bagless canister cyclonic vacuum waives of your unnecessary extra effort while cleaning. This amazing product comprises the best features which make this vacuum cleaner more popular.

With an excellent brush, top-notch filter, and many other extraordinary features, this beautiful vacuum is all set to clean your home efficiently! Read on the details gathered:

Ovente ST2620G Bagless Canister Cyclonic Vacuum – HEPA Filter 1


The Ovente canister cyclonic vacuum is designed for deep and thorough cleaning of the surface.

Thus, a nonstop and powerful suction which can be equipped up to 1,200 watts is being used so that cleaning is done right and proper.

Worth the cost:

If you are out spending to buy another equipment to clean the carpet or different floor type, then, you are totally investing your hard earned buck in a bad choice!

This Ovente ST2620G beautiful product is capable of cleaning different surfaces. Be it a sofa or beneath the giant wardrobe, this product is bound to take that dust off right away. 

The brushes include nozzle/bristle brush, pet brush, floor brush.

It also has other features such as the telescopic wand, dust compartment, power cord, and many other premium attachments as such.

The Ovente cyclonic canister vacuum ST2620G is mainly designed so that it can shave off your extra expense on a whole new machine to clean the carpets or other floor types.

Multi-level filtration:

Ovente ST2620G

Enjoy a cleaner home with the advanced multi-level filtration of the Ovente ST2620G

If you are suffering from any kind of allergies, then, it is time to id a permanent goodbye! This beautiful vacuum comprises HEPA filtration which is able to capture 99.97% of the allergens.

Just so you know, it is capable of capturing the airborne particles measuring 00.3 micrometers, i.e., 300 times smaller than a hair!

According to the Ovente ST2620G cyclonic canister vacuum review, many customers shred their happy experience by stating that this fantastic product has suctioned off their allergies as well!

Convenience is what they promise:

Well, in this robotic world, as convenience has become a necessity, this vacuum cleaner is designed to provide a comfortable and convenient way of cleaning.

Ovente ST2620G

Experience top-notch cleaning with the Ovente ST2620G Bagless Canister Cyclonic Vacuum

The features induced are mainly designed for keeping the customer's convenience in mind. After a bunch of experiments and feedback, here's what the unit possesses:

  • Automatic cable rewinder.
  • Step button.
  • Telescopic wand (In case, if you are willing to reach higher).
  • 360 Degree Hose swivel.

These features definitely make your cleaning time smooth and more comfortable. Well, most of the times, we often abandon a particular area while cleaning as we consider those areas under "Hard to reach" category.

With the help of telescopic wand, you can easily reach those areas and start cleaning in a minute! Thus, this amazing product helps you cover and clean the entire home without hurting or injuring your back.


The LED lights present alerts the user whenever the filters and the dust containers are full. Disposal is made easier where you simply empty the dust bin and then wash it. Thus, you do not have to feel annoyed when it comes to empty the container.

The translucent design and a stylish look make the product even more attractive. The extraordinary features induced in the vacuum will definitely cover all the basic essentials of every customer.

Thus, promising a safe and healthy cleaning, the Ovente ST2620G bagless canister cyclonic vacuum is all set to knock your door!


What is the size of the brush?

The brush is about 10” long and 3” wide.

Does it have a carrying handle?

Yes it does, The Ovente ST2620 has a carrying handle.

How long is the cord?

4.6 Meters.

Where is ovente made?

Ovente made in United States of America (USA).

Last updated on September 18th, 2023


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