Robot Vacuums Replacing The Traditional Vacuums: Can It Happen?

Flooded with abundant overwhelming options available, the robot vacuums sure have changed the method of cleaning. The cleaning method which was being followed over the past 100 years has now got a new twist!

Well, the robot vacuums bag certain preliminary to advanced features from which you can have your place cleaned in minutes.

With all the umpteen categories, models, and mind-blowing features out there, it can be confusing to go for the right one.

Here, we have given a brief note of the blend of features suitable for your requirements:

HEPA filtration

The major reason to buy a robot vacuum cleaner is to make your place 100% dust-free, allergen-free. Make sure the model you choose comprises HEPA filtration.

Battery life

As obvious as it is, goes for the one which can run for a long duration. Also, check the duration it takes to recharge.

Virtual walls

Virtual walls

Virtual walls make robot vacuums the future of cleaning

There will be some locations in your home which you do not want your robot vacuum to reach out to. In this case, look for the virtual walls feature so that you can restrict certain places for your robot vacuum.


Look for the one which does more job in a mere amount of time. Thus, you can stick to your schedule and not miss anything because of cleaning!

How worthy is the robot vacuum cleaner?

Considering its trailblazing growth over the years, the robotic vacuum has certainly waived off the extra effort while cleaning. Ranging from $300 to touch for about a wholesome $900, the robot vac welcomes a mixture of opinions.

The visible fact is that robot vacuums are yet to reach the level where they can completely replace the traditional vacuums.

Traditional Vaccum

Effortlessly cleaning up messes, the robot vacuum proves its worth as a modern-day cleaning companion.

According to a set of people who consider the fact that "time is everything", the robot vacuum is the one they reach out for. To fit into their schedule by coping with the cleaning task, work, other daily chores, etc., the robot vacuums come in handy as it promises to clean up your entire pace in a minimal amount of time. 

Thus, it is evident for a reason that most people give a big, fat thumbs up to opting robot vacuum cleaner considering it is worthy.

On the other hand, to the people who focus on a perfect cleanup of the entire home, they stick to the traditional ones. Irrespective of the attractive features and "amazing offers, discounts" that these robot vacuums provide.

The robot vacuum is a head turner!

The robot vacuum is a head turner

Watch heads spin as the Robot Vacuum effortlessly cleans your home with futuristic technology!

With its spectacular combination of stylish look and impressive features, the robotic vacuums give their best in:

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Do not mess with me!

Yes, the robot vacuums are not a great fan of the messy or cluttered place. So, if you are planning to clean up a messy room where all the things are lying here, there, everywhere, not a good idea!

Thus, this time-saving little machine has some set of rules which demand your time and effort to keep the place clutter-free before cleaning up.

Sparkly shine!

Another genre where the robot vacuums secure a high-level of cleaning is the floors. Be it carpeted or hardwood floors these robot vacuums are capable of suctioning through and getting the maximum dust out of them!

Peekaboo place!

Yes, those "hard to reach" areas are not so hard to reach with this robot vacuum. As the design is compact, short in height, reaching any place, any corner was never this easy!

But, robot vacuums are nonetheless

Well, with all the super powers that the robot vacuums possess, it does have a limitation though:

Ouch, not on the hard carpets!

Cleaning the hard carpeted floors with the robot vacuum! Considering the effort, time, and the battery has to be double to that of a regular carpet, suggesting robot vacuums on a hard carpet is a disaster!

Not on anything long, a soft thing too!

Here comes another limitation which is those fancy carpets that make your home look super stylish!

But, if you are thinking of saving your time by giving it a go to clean it by your robot vacuum, then, you are such a pickle!

Those long, soft, and colorful strands of the carpet will no longer be the same if you vacuum it with the robot vacuum. With a vision to design the vacuum to be small and compact, the wheels of the vacuum are chosen to be smaller than the other vacuums.

Thus, it is obvious that the wheels can get stuck in the stylish carpet and leave a little trail of making it somewhat uglier!


Now that you know that the robot vacuum is the savior of a busy person, it helps in coping with day-to-day cleanups.

But, for deep, thorough cleaning, the robot vacuum is yet to be induced with a whole new bunch of amazing features.

To give your home a deep cleaning session, normal or traditional vacuums must be your goto. As they are capable of performing better and easy to maintain, you can switch to these monthly once!

Last updated on September 19th, 2023

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