iRobot Roomba 675 vs. 690: Robot Vacuum Comparison

iRobot Roomba 600 series being the older version is perhaps one of the most affordable robot vacuum cleaners in the market. However certain aspects have been modified or added to each model in the series over the period. Two most common 600 series vacuum cleaner of iRobot Roomba are the Roomba 675 and Roomba 690. Some basic features have been classically similar in all the Roomba.

These features include

  • The dual brush design with a singular edge cleaning brush.
  • The bump and cliff detection sensor.
  • Wifi enabled.
  • Dirt detection mode.
  • 90 minutes of run time on 100% battery.

However, on more in-depth analysis, it can be quickly noted that there are specific differences between both the models that make one more suitable than the other.

iRobot Roomba 675

The Roomba 675 was perhaps the top of the line when it was launched initially. With wi-fi enabled feature, it indeed is more comfortable to maneuver with Google Assistance and Alexa from anywhere. The added 3 stage cleaning feature with dirt detection mode helps the bristles reach the corners well without leaving any trace of dirt anywhere.

Engineered for high performances, the Roomba 675 works well both on the hard wooden floor as well as carpet area. Coupled with these features is the affordability quotient that makes it a well-chosen product for your home.

Key Feature

  • Voice-activated control for auto-connecting with Alexa and Siri.
  • An intelligent navigation system to travel through the entire length and breadth of the room.
  • Dual multi-surface brush attachment that allows loosening of dirt and picking it up simultaneously at the same time.
iRobot Roomba 675
iRobot Roomba 690

The newer version of the Roomba 600 series, the Roomba 690 is as expected an upgrade of the 675. The distinctive jet black color iconic to all the Roomba has been skipped in this version for a light gray color tone and armed with a new color, the Roomba 690 also banks on the 3 stage cleaning system that allows it to pick up even the smallest of hair particles on the go.

The full edge brush certainly works wonder around the corners while the auto-adjustable cleaning head certainly works wonder on the carpeting. The Roomba 690 is not just a publicity gimmick or advertisement because this newer version has some exciting features.

Key Feature

  • Virtual wall barrier detection helps in detecting walls and other barriers while cleaning.
  • The auto cleanup timer helps the Roomba 690 auto-start cleaning even in your absence.
  • Smart navigation system with patented dirt cleaning technology helps in cleaning areas of concentrated specks of dirt well.
iRobot Roomba 690 Cleaning

Sweeping through the week with my trusty iRobot Roomba 690!

Comparison of Features Between iRobot Roomba 675 and 690

The look -

As mentioned the color of Roomba 690 is grey while it is the iconic black in case of Roomba 675. The entire discussion certainly makes the Roomba 690 more identifiable amidst all the Roomba models for sure.

Auto resume Feature -

On completion of charge, the Roomba 675 remains docked at the station while the Roomba 690 prefers to restart its cleaning work once again thus making it a slightly more efficient model for sure.

Operating System -

Since both work on the iAdapt operating system, so it is quite natural for both to maneuver often and navigate similarly.

The sensors -

The Roomba 675 and Roomba 690 are both equipped with an acoustic sensor, RCON( Docking center search and reach) sensor, touch sensor and cliff sensor. The additional one dual virtual wall barrier detection sensor in Roomba 690 makes it more compatible in homes with too many rooms and walls.

Cleaning System -

Both the Roomba models use Aerovac technology and have Bristle style brushes with the full edge brush angled at 27 degrees. They function similarly while cleaning the floor.

Brush attachments -

Both models of the Roomba very well clean fine danders, dust particles and pet hairs. However, neither of them are suitable for cleaning pet feces.

The pricing -

The Roomba 690 is slightly on the pricier end than then Roomba 675 so if it is the matter of affordability Roomba 675 wins the battle.

Tabular Comparison of Specification Between iRobot Roomba 675 & 690

Equipt with Virtual wall barrier.
Light Grey
Auto resume after charge completion.

Final Verdict

As both the Roomba 675 and 690 belongs to the 600 series, it is imminent that most of the features except a few will be almost similar. However, we cannot forget that Roomba 690 is on the much more pricier end.

More importantly, the Roomba 675 is compatible with the dual virtual barrier mode, so if needed it can be added to the present configuration at a very minimum cost.

The Roomba 600 series is among the older models of the iRobot Vacuum cleaners, so it is quite natural that the features will be quiet similar to each other and slightly behind time in regards to today's newer iRobot models like Roomba i7.

However taking into consideration the functionality and pricing, the Roomba 675 is still considered one of the best and most preferred iRobot vacuum cleaners.

Last updated on February 12th, 2024


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