Shark Rocket HV382 Duo Clean Ultra-Light Corded Bagless Vacuum

Cleaning freaks like me are always super demanding. I love to chase the slightest trace of visible dust and grime even on the farthest corner of my room. Now my dust cleaning challenge has become a bit easier with my newly bought Shark Rocket HV382 DuoClean Ultra-Light Corded Bagless Vacuum.

Yes, I have tried some vacuum cleaners before this one from Rocket product lineBut to be candid, I have found that my latest purchase is one of the best shark vacuum models available in the moment with triple power cleaning technology and some most desirable advantages. Take a look here:

Shark Rocket HV382 DuoClean: Premium Advantages

Shark Rocket HV382

It’s absolutely lightweight

It is almost 10 lbs. in weight. You can easily convert it into a handheld gadget, and it’s truly versatile.

Shark Rocket HV382 duo clean can remove pet dander and dust from your room’s carpet and upholstery with the same proficiency.

Enjoy the force of double power?

The cleaner comes with double brush rolls, and they work like dust scavenger. You will get to remove the last particle of dust from the carpet.

Small but powerful cleaning:

Shark Rocket HV382 DuoClean is small but powerful. DuoClean Technology can take away three layers of dust from the target surface.

Neatness and perfection ensured:

The vacuum cleaner can remove large, small, and pesky stuck-on elements from the surface if needed along with pet dander with super neatness.

Shark hv382 looks smart:

Its metallic color simply looks attractive.

Don’t you feel that new Shark HV382 DuoClean Ultra-Light Corded Bagless Vacuum is somehow unique with its all-rounder cleaning support? However, you have some more attractions stored for you, which I have found quite alluring.

Check the product features here.

Shark Rocket HV382

Revolutionize your cleaning game with the Shark Rocket HV382.

Product Features That Just Can’t Overlook:

(a) Product Design:

Shark HV382 with Duo Cleanis built with a cozy compact design: Its storage friendly and easy to work with. I found it’s a great combo of smart look and fast work.

(b) Cleaning Head:

The cleaning head of Shark Rocket DuoClean is powerful enough. The advantage of the triple particle cleaning is best felt by the ability of deep cleaning of carpets, and other wooly surfaces. The soft brush roll can pull in larger particles and offer a super clean look of the floor.

(c) Power:

It is corded, but the cord is long enough so that you can reach the remote corner of your room. Just pug and plat the Shark hv382 duo cleaner, and stay free from the hassle to change and charge the battery. Budget-friendly...I found!

(d) Filtration System:

It’s bagless: you have no headache to change the bag once the bag gets full. The friendly and powerful filtration system works perfect both on the hardwood floor and carpet. The LED Highlights will guide you to find the dirt on the floor.

Thanks to the powerful beater bar for cleaning carpets and the brush roll for advanced cleaning effect from per dander if any.

(e) Dirt Bag Capacity:

The dust cup is quite spacious and can contain up to .91 quarts dust and debris particles. It is easy to remove and assemble.

(f) Performance:

On Carpets, On Hardwood Floors, On Edge: It's an all-rounder. With multiple attached and cleaning accessories, it will keep your woolly carpets, hardwood floor and carpet edges clean and health friendly.

(g) Accessories/ Tools come with it:

The vacuum cleaner comes with 12" Crevice Tool, Pet Multi-Tool, Dusting Brush, Wall Mount Storage Hook, and instructional manual.

(h) Portability:

The Shark Rocket with Duo Clean vacuum cleaner is lightweight. You can easily take it from one place to another. Built with a combo of tough ABS and PP plastics, some light metal and enduring rubber components it's easy to move around even for a longer time.

(i) Warranty:

Shark Rocket DuoClean Ultra-Light Corded Bagless Vacuum comes with a 5-year limited warranty.

Shark Rocket HV382

Get a deep clean with the Shark Rocket HV382's bristle brush and gentle soft brushroll


  • Super-fast and perfect deep 3-layer dusting.
  • Efficientfor large debris particles cleaning.
  • Friendly for hardwood floor.
  • Motor-powered upholstery attachment.
  • Good battery life.
  • Excellent durability.


  • Finding replacement parts may be a problem.
  • Under appliance wand is not available.

Final Verdict

Shark Rocket HV382 DuoClean Ultra-Light Corded Bagless Vacuum is a smart and wise buy. It looks good, it is easy to store, and it works exactly like a perfect cleaning expert, sometimes better than your hands with its triple particle cleaning technology.

With affordable price and 5 years warranty, it’s worthy of your purchase. I have loved my decision, you can place your order too! We bet you will love this vacuum cleaner for sure!

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Last updated on November 9th, 2023


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