Spring Shedding: Tips To Follow When Your Pet Loses Its Winter Coat

Spring is the season that all pet owners dread. It is that time of the year when your furry friend starts shedding its winter coat. Dealing with stray pet hair all over the household is a major chore. The errant hair finds its way into clothing, upholstery, carpets, and even food! Pet hair is a major health hazard as it can contain deadly allergens and pathogens.

Dogs and cats shed hair throughout the year. But during the spring, they start to shed more as they are trying to lose their winter coat. This is a natural process that removes dead fur from their bodies.

Matted and dead hair can cause skin irritation so it needs to go off at some point in time. Seasonal shedding is healthy. You should be worried if your pet is not shedding.

If you have dogs or cats, you need to prepare for the seasonal shedding of the winter coat. Else, life will become miserable both for you and your furry friend. To help you and your loving pet, we have compiled some useful tips to follow when your pet loses its winter coat during spring.

The Right Kind Of Brush

The right kind of brush

The secret to a shiny coat? The right kind of brush! Get the scoop on spring shedding tips.

Regular brushing is one of the most practical ways to minimize stray pet hair in your house. But, you need to use the right kind of brush. For long-haired pets, a shedding rake or comb will remove the dense undercoat without having a big effect on the outer coat.

Shedding rakes allow you to get down near your dog’s skin. The ones with two rows of teeth are most effective.

For pets with shorter coats, a stiff bristle brush followed by a slicker brush to remove their excess hair will do the trick. You also have a large selection of de-shedding tools to remove hair. But they are expensive and perform no better than a good brush.

Speed Up The Hair Fall

Many pet owners swear by the goodness of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids in their pet's diet. They keep the hair glowing and healthy. A healthy coat means a coat comparatively free of mats and knots. This helps loose hair come out more easily while brushing.

A Warm Bath

A warm bath

Don't let shedding get you down this spring! Give your pet a warm bath for a fresh start.

A warm bath with shampoo and a conditioner will loosen up hair. A nice brushing session post-bath will catch most loose hair before it gets into your house. Do not bath your pet excessively. It will cause dryness and irritation of the skin. For best results, brush thoroughly before and after the bath.

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Arm Yourself With An Effective Cleaning Arsenal

Despite all precautions, fur strays into everything. Arm yourselves with a good vacuum that is specially meant for pet hair removal. Good mops with microfibers come in handy for quick dusting. They are also great for wet mopping tile or wooden floors. A good lint remover will do the trick in a jiffy for your clothes.

Some people have found rubber brooms with squeegee bristles to be extremely effective in gathering up stray hair on the carpet. Run an air cleaner to remove floating hair. Only, ensure that it has a clean filter all the time. A robot vacuum like the Roomba will be extremely helpful for pet hair. Buy one if you can afford it.

Furniture Protection

Your pet may have favorite places to lounge about. It may be a couch in the hall or its favorite rug. Use an easily washable fabric to cover these areas. The fabric will trap most of the loose fur and can be removed for cleaning when required. If you allow your pet to your bed, consider getting a duvet cover that you can remove for an easy wash anytime.

Use Fabrics Wisely To Repel And Attract Pet Hair

Closely woven linen and most synthetic fabrics do not allow fur to stick to them. In some fabrics such as woolens, the texture and weave of the fabric allow pet hair to stick on. You can use hair repelling fabrics for upholstery and furniture cover. Hair traps can be created by using fabrics that trap hair. Simply place them in the areas your pet frequents.

Marking Off Separate “Pet Zones” For Your Pet

You can create “pet zones” in your house to confine your pet to those areas in your house. This is a good way to contain the pet hair in some easily cleanable areas. You can keep your pet's favorite toys and rugs in the “pet zones” to encourage them to spend the most time there. You can also put in lots of fur traps to catch loose fur and contain it.

Final Thoughts

If you have a dog or a cat, you’ll need to learn to live with the fur. The errant pet hair cannot be eliminated. They only can be managed. The above tips will help you tide over the shedding season without too many worries.

If you think your pet is shedding more or less than normal, see the vet immediately. Anything that disrupts the natural shedding cycle is not healthy for the animal. Gently brush your pet as much as possible. This will solve most of the hair issues.

Last updated on February 19th, 2024

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