7 Surprising Uses Of A Handheld Vacuum

With enhancing technologies induced in the cleaning tools, the equipment provides a better way to the cleaning approach!

Waiving off the extra effort, the vacuums are powerful enough to suck out the dust, debris, granules, etc.

Having said that, everybody here is well aware of how the vacuums have been their savior when it comes to cleaning their place. But, along with the obvious uses, let's get to know some of the surprising uses of a handheld vacuum.

Before diving deep, let's have a brief of:

What a handheld vacuum is

Being designed to be lighter in weight, this type of vacuum cleaner is easy to pick up and carry along. As it is light in weight, you can clean the hard to reach places, tight corners with ease with no after-effects!

The portable handheld vacuums are very much preferred by people with smaller homes. It's fast, efficient, and powerful cleaning, it is ought to leave you surprised every single time! 

Let's get started:

Bug out!

Bug out

Don't let bugs get the best of you - grab a handheld vacuum and take control!

Yes, with a marvelous cleaning of the entire home, make sure to notice that your home is bug-free. The handheld vacuums make an effort to pull out the hidden bugs right behind your sofa, furniture, showcase, etc. Thus, you can enjoy a beautiful, cute, clean, and bug-free place all day long!

Well, who likes to touch a bug, a housefly, or any other flying little creature that flew right at you! If you are also one of us who do not love the idea of touching the bug with our hands, then, be thankful for the handheld vacuums!

A clean pet

A clean pet

Suck up the mess, not the love - handheld vacuums for pet owners.

Are you tired of your carpet layered with a coat of something furry, something hairy? Well, welcome aboard!

As lovely as the pets can be, at times, it becomes to cope with your cleaning session, office, house chores, meeting, and what not?

No matter how many times you clean your home, within a period, you are back to square one! Right, where you started!

Give your pet a spa time at home by gently vacuuming them! Trust, they steal your heart away with their adorable reactions!

How about giving it a try on cleaning your computer?

How about giving it a try on cleaning your computer

Dust bunnies, beware! Your computer is about to get a deep clean.

How about the view of a nice, bright, and shiny computer? Well, most of us neglect the 1-inch dirt on our computers, laptops, TVs that have been residing since 1990!

So, for all those lazy lovers, here's an idea! If you are fed up with wiping off the dirt from the surface of your electronic gadgets which by the way you spend most of your time with, try vacuuming!

With a handheld vacuum cleaner suck out the layer of dirt that has made the letters fade. Be it your keyboard, typewriter, monitor, etc. Just check the pressure once on a surface, if it goes well, then, continue the same.

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A well-arranged shelf

With handheld vacuum contributing to clean up almost all of your place, then, why not give it a try on the shelf and the items occupying the place on it?

While you are at it, you can simply swirl your magic wand on the books, showpieces, etc on the shelf, and make the magic happen. Along with cleaning the shelf, the small, lightweight handheld vacuum does an impressive cleaning of the things on it too!

Reduces sneezes, coughs due to dust

Well, since most of us are irritated with the uninvited guest residing at our home, here's something to get rid of them. As the "uninvited guests" seem happy to see you sneeze or cough because of their presence, suck them out with your handheld vacuum!

Clean, dust-free bedding

Another in-built talent of the cute little handheld vacuums is they can be used to clean your bedding too.

You can enjoy your late-night cravings on your bed munching chips, bread, and yummy Nutella, a big slice of pizza, and the list has no end!

With all the food crumbled on your bed, you might be thinking of changing your bedspread. But, with the handheld vacuum right next to you, I think you can skip your laundry day!

Cupboards also deserve to be cleaned once a while!

You can just turn on the handheld vacuum and start suctioning the dirt right away! So, there you go! A clean, tidy, dust-free cupboard in minutes!

And the bottom line is

With so many surprising uses of this little handheld vacuum, I guess one will not have to list out 100 reasons to skip or escape from cleaning! Cleaning is now fun! So, what did your magic cleaner help you clean?

Last updated on February 17th, 2024

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