7 Ways To Save Home From Pet Shedding Fur: [Dog Shedding]

You love each other. His wagging gesture fills you with a different level of energy. Yes, we are talking about you and your furry friend.

Did you have to feel embarrassed at work because of wearing your dog’s hair to work?

In any case, as a pet owner, you need to be proficient in managing the mess created by shedding. These tips gotta reduce your labor to clear out furniture to floor and laundry.

Understand why and when

It is quite natural for animals to shed but the course may vary. Like a Boxer shed all through the year while Huskies shed twice the year. If you see any change in shedding pattern, it’s time to widen your eyes. An animal may shed due to injury, itchiness, skin lesions, or some other illness.

Take your pet to a vet for diagnosis and treatment.

pet shedding fur

Feed your pooch on a high protein diet. Giving the balanced diet provides proper nutrients and thus shedding problem will end. Quality of food handles the dog’s coat. Foods like olive oil and molasses reduce shedding. High-quality protein-rich dog food also makes the coat shiny.

Groom regularly

Brush his fur coat frequently. This free up the loosening old hair which comes out in the brush.

Best Grooming Tools for your Pooch

FURminator: If you can get FURminator brush no other tool can be better than this. It is like a magic wand. It removes hair completely.

ZoomGroom: It is a toothed tool which works akin to a massaging tool.

Dematting Comb: They help to remove matts and tangles in pets coat.

Shedding blades: These serrated blades take out free hair in a single comb.

Glove Brushes: They are an ideal tool to rub back of your pet and strengthen the bonding. This little massage session improves blood circulation and hence have a healthy coat.

Bathing: Make bathing your pet a habit. There are many good quality pet shampoos. These can nourish the fur coat as well as release loose hair from the undercoat. As you rub to lather the soap on dog’s coat the loose hair sheds in the process. Spray disinfectants to guard against ticks and mites.

Best Grooming Tools for your Pooch

Clean your home

However, what can you do to clean shed fur?

When we share space with a pet dog or cat carrying their hair is inevitable. I am here with smart hacks for saving hassles for you.

Clean the furniture

Rubber gloves are your mate. Put the gloves on. Rub it over the fur-covered surface of your leatherette. Wash off the gloves. Repeat the process until the surface becomes hair free.

To clean upholstery fabric, a mix of fabric softener and water would do the trick. Spray the solution and wipe. Spray with anti-static spray on the wooden furniture and wipe off to drop any hair.

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Cleaning the floor

The first suggestion you will find around is vacuuming. Before switching the machine on dust some baking soda on the carpet. It will not only loosen hair but also removes the foul odor. Now run the cleaner from both the directions one after another. You will be surprised to see the extra hair that might have not ordinarily pulled out by a vacuum cleaner.

Cleaning the floor by a vacuum cleaner

Can vacuuming alone remove pet hair from carpets and rugs?

No, you are an efficient home manager. Use the trick that you use to get rid of dead skin cells. Rub pumice stone gently over the surface. The shed comes out with every stroke of the friction. To deal with the darken edges and corners of the carpet put on the rubber glove, wet it, and rub the fingers across the area between borders and the baseboard.

This special electrostatic mop can reduce labor to clean hard floor. Attach a microfiber cloth in place of Swiffer head. Also, clothes?

Cleaning the laundry

As we like our clothes lint-free so do we want hair. Keep a lint roller handy, roll over the lint remover on clothes. It will catch all the hair. A cheaper option for this is a damp sponge.

Recall the science lesson about the static charge, where you used to rub an inflated balloon on hair to generate a charge. The rubber glove method we used earlier works well for cleaning clothes too.

You can run clothes in the dryer for 10 minutes. Add a dryer sheet or ball to the machine as well.

Place a sticky ring-shaped Fur Zapper in the washer with laundry. No fabric softener or anything else, just plain water.

This short blog tried to sort clean shed fur quandary. Might be you have another smarter way to clean shedding we would love to hear your pro tip.

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Last updated on November 19th, 2023

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