What Makes A Good Dog Blow Dryer?

What Do We Understand by a Dog Dryer?

A dog dryer is a gadget or device that can remove a substantial amount of moisture or water from the fur and body of the animal. It can do so for any breed of dog. Additionally, the electrical appliance performs the mentioned action for all types and kinds of coats a dog may have.

A dog dryer can work without making the animal anxious, stressed, or uncomfortable. Generally, it operates by blowing out warm air at an optimum temperature and pressure. It helps ensure that the dog does not get scared by the loud noise or hot air.

Dog Dryer

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Conventionally, a dog dryer can come into the application to dry the animal’s fur when it gets wet. It can be because of one reason or another. For instance, it can get used after the dog takes a bath or falls into a puddle of water.

Nevertheless, it helps remove all traces of moisture from its body, irrespective of the cause of the wet coat. The primary objective of a dog dryer is to help the animal achieve and sustain clean and dehydrated fur. Moreover, it aids in acquiring the desired goal with minimal effort and time. 

What are the Various Categories and Kinds of Dog Dryers?

A dog dryer can get categorized into three primary kinds or types. The basis of differentiation lies with the operating style of the electrical gadget. The size of the animal on which it works also plays a role. A few other factors also come into play. However, they are not that significant.

The three categories or types of dog dryers consist of the following:

Low-Pressure Dog Dryers

A low-pressure dog dryer operates by blowing out warm and dry air at low pressure or intensity. Typically, it remains fixed or attached in a single place. Otherwise, it can come mounted on a sturdy standing or durable cage.

Forced-Air Dog Dryers

A forced-air dog dryer works to propel the water or moisture off ta dog’s fur and body. It is generally compact and handheld. It implies that it allows for effortless and free movement. In addition to that, a forced-air dog dryer can blow out cold and warm air. It does so at a high velocity or speed.

Handheld Dog Dryers

A handheld dog dryer comes in a compact, mobile, and lightweight model. It has an ergonomic handle that allows for an undemanding grip. The electrical device generates and blows out the air at a substantially high temperature.

That is why a handheld dog dryer cannot get used near or directly against the coat and body of the animal. It can scald and burn the dog otherwise.

Which Factors and Elements Influence the Standard or Quality of a Dog Dryer?

Quality of a Dog Dryer

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The operation and construction of a dog dryer depend on multiple parameters. They influence and determine the quality of the item or gadget. A few of these factors or elements consist of the following:

Sturdiness and Durability

Dog dryers should be durable. It helps ensure that they last and work for a considerably long time. It ensures that the purchase of the electrical device becomes worthwhile. Furthermore, it makes sure that the dog owners do not buy, repair, or replace the machine frequently.

A dog dryer must remain sturdy even after getting used to a considerable extent or degree. It should display and provide a suitable and favorable working condition even after an abusive application. Furthermore, the device should last for at least two years.

Hose Length

A dog will inevitably fidget about and move when it is time to dry its fur or coat. Most dogs will not sit still and become obedient. For that reason, it becomes arduous to use the dog dryer on the animal. It is the case if the hose length of the appliance is short, not adjustable, and inflexible. Then, it becomes exceedingly demanding to use the dog dryer effectively and efficiently.

Thus, increasing the hose length helps significantly. It allows the users to extend their reach over a broader area and scope. In other words, it helps reach the dog even if its runs away from its spot.

Speed Variation Option

Different and distinct body coats and sizes of a dog would determine the air velocity required to dry the animal. It can get owed to the thickness of the fur and the overall drying time. For instance, a big dog with a thicker coat, such as a husky, would require an increased wind speed to dry the animal.

However, it can prove detrimental if the speed parameter remains fixed with no option to change or adjust it. In that case, the air blown out would not be sufficient to dry the dog.

Additionally, some dogs may feel uncomfortable with the pressure generated due to high airspeed. Bu the low option may not be adequate for them. Then, an optimum speed and velocity need to get used for them. 


Most dogs feel afraid of the loud noise created by the operation of a dog dryer. That is why the entire drying process can become highly tormenting and distressing for them. They may become so repulsed by the noise that they would run away or become aggressive at the slightest sound from the dog dryer.

For that reason, an individual must look for suitable dog dryers that do not generate much noise. They should look for devices that have sound-reduction or cancellation features. It helps ensure that the animals do not become startled when their coat or fur gets dried.

Temperature Variation

It is exceedingly essential to regulate the temperature of the air coming out of a dog dryer. It is because too hot or too cold is unacceptable. In the first case, it can scald the animal. On the other hand, the second instance can result in efficient drying. Hence, it is best if the dog dryer comes with the option to regulate and adjust the temperature.

Last updated on September 25th, 2023

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