Why Winter Grooming Is Important For Your Pet

Pets need constant care and attention irrespective of the season. You might assume that your pet doesn't need any grooming in the winter season, but turns out just like the hot weather, the furry companion needs frequent grooming in winters as well. Like you care for his topcoat during summers, even his undercoat needs to be considered.

Check out some of these main reasons, as to why grooming is important for your dog even during winters.

Keeping Your Pet Warm

Keeping Your Pet Warm

Groomed to perfection! Our pet is looking sharp and feeling warm this winter

This undercoat is what helps keep them warm, which if not groomed or bathed can turn dirty. And in case, if your dog spending time outside, the undercoat will definitely need to be paid attention to.

Since winters are quite chilly, when your dog enters inside the house, the undercoat will be colder instead of being warm. If not groomed, it can lead to serious illness in your pet.

When your dog is outside, it can lead to an accumulation of dirt and debris. Hence, bathing your dog once he is indoors is very important. This will help keep the smell also to a minimum. Before your pet steps out again, make sure he is dry. Prolong exposure to such chilly weather can play up the pet's temperature.

If you usually let your dog's hair dry on its own, and since it is not possible in winters, consider using a blow dryer. That would help.

Moisturizing Baths

While bathing your pet is necessary, it is also important to keep their body moisturized to steer clear of issues like dry, chafed skin.

Just like our skin texture turns dry during cold weather, the same is the case with pets. Even though they have a layer of fur on them, the drying effects are also possible in pets. Hence it is advised that you use a gentle, moisturizing shampoo as well as a conditioner.

Pay Attention To Nails

Your furry companion needs extra care and attention in winters. In winters, there are chances that the nails might collect snow or salt during their outdoor walks.

The snow and ice result in creating a barrier between the surface and the dog's feet. The nails don't get worn down as much, which is why it needs more attention. This results in overgrown nails which can lead to pain and cause difficulty for your dog to walk.

One also needs to pay extra attention to the paw pads, as they can turn dry too, due to the harsh surfaces, which become extremely uncomfortable.

To make this a pleasant experience, always keep a check on your dog's nails. If the nails start to make a noise while your pet is walking, it's time to trim the nails.

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Trimming The Hair Between The Toes

During the winter season, there's a lot of chemicals that are used to melt ice when there's snow. When your dog steps out for a walk, chances are, the chemicals will get stuck in the hair. Consumption or licking of paws of rock salt can cause issues like gastrointestinal disturbances in some cases.

This can even cause infection and hence it is necessary to trim the hair, as it will be easier for you to wipe the dirt and easier for your dog to have a comfortable ride.

Use Dog Boots

Use Dog Boots

Don't let winter weather harm your pup's paws - use dog boots for stylish and safe walks!

If your dog is a fashion aficionado and likes to play dress up, our suggestion would be that you use dog boots. They are the best part of grooming, as they help in comfortable sidewalks while also protecting them from the adverse effects of the salt or chemicals.

There are also some amazing natural dog waxes that you can use on the sensitive feet as it creates a barrier on your dog's skin from abrasive surfaces.

A Haircut Is A Must For All The Seasons

Just like you don't leave any chance to groom yourself, no matter what the season, the same goes for the pets as well. Hence, it is important that you take your pet for a clipping sesh.

You can opt for a canine winter coat while taking your dog outside. When you skip haircuts until the next season, the chances of mats forming will only increase.

Plus, when you get the coat trimmed, it also helps cut down the snow that gets stuck in your pet's hair.

Bottom Line

Don't forget that grooming just like anything else is a bigger part of your pet's life. Believe us, grooming can help with your dog's mind as well as emotional health, and when you show affection in all the aspects of your pet's life, your pet will live longer and be happier too.

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Last updated on September 21st, 2023

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