Best Vacuum For Pet Hair Reviews 2018 : Buying Guide

Last year me and my husband went for a trip to near the sea; we spent almost 3 weeks over there; though all the windows and doors were shut that whole period, but when we came back, we were like stress-out seeing the dust level on the floor and other furniture. Till then I did not have any Vacuum Cleaner at my place; as I live in a secluded and private property where, nearby, no construction takes place. We hardly see dust and dirt flotation around us. So neither I nor my husband felt any necessity for a vacuum cleaner ever. But that moment, we desperately felt for such a product and rushed for an online purchase; over 2 days I got my cleaning-partner, now life seems really tougher and harder without my cleaning-master, my Vacuum Cleaner.

Since I have never felt the necessity of this sort of machine, so I never care much to Google about it. But that time after cleaning all the dirt & dust, I thought to navigate bit in the internet about it.

Vacuum cleaner was first developed in 1860’s by Daniel Hess of West Union, Iowa. It was basically a carper sweeper that gathered dust with a rotating brush and a bellow was used to gather that dust out. Later, in 1869, a commercial vacuum cleaner stepped-into the market, which basically was a bulky device with a belt driven fan cranked by hand, a bit awkward to operate, though got a mixed response.

Since then, modified device is swiping the market one by one. More and more, research & development is taking place, which is bringing competition among the marketers to provide best of best machine on the customer hand.

Comparison chart of vacuum available on market


Types of Pet Vacuum Cleaner Available On Market

There are hundreds of types of vacuum cleaner is available in the market. Some are classified based on its size, some are on mechanism, some can be purely commercial or even domestic and some can be customized.

Upright Vacuums: It has a cleaning head on which a bag and a handle are attached. It usually operates using a rotating brush-roll or beater bar, which removes dirt & dust by sweeping & vibrating.
Though it can be divided in many types, but the most common upright vacuum includes power-belt driven suction-motors which rotate the brush-roll. However, another form includes duel motor where the suction is provided via a large motor and the brush-roll is powered by a small motor.

Canister: European market is dominated by canister. A flexible hose connects the wheels where the dust collector and the motor are mounted. It came on the user choice mainly for its flexibility as user can attach different heads for different tasks.

Central: Central vacuum is more pricy and requires expert hand to operate though it is also very convenient. It is much easier to use than of a canister though you will need a bigger space to accommodate the 30foot hoses.

Hand Vacuums: You can easily operate with hand as it tends to be smaller in size. You can easily clean your carpets, floors, sofas even the interior of your car. it can be both cored and cordless and operates using electricity or even battery.

Robotic Vacuums: Robotic vacuums once used to be very expensive once but now because of the demand and supply the price fell under users budget. Once it was equipped with limited suction power to clean the carpet, but now a rotating laser-based range finder is used to map the space at its surrounding. It cleans the floor methodically. It needs charging up itself to be on-move all the time.

Stick Vacuums: It is very light-weight and very easy to operate than most of the vacuum cleaners’ type. It has long body and handle with foot nozzle. Since it has small capacity bag, it is not that helpful to clean a big mess and it has some higher noise. Since its very handy and can clean very first, pet person can own it to clean litter and furs.

Wet/Dry Vacuum cleaners: Specialized vacuum machine that can clean wet or liquid spills. it can be used both indoor and outdoor and can be used for wet as well as dry debris.

Pneumatic: It is mainly used in industrial and manufacturing plants to clean wet/dry debris. It is a specialize form of wet/dry model that hook up to compressed air.

These points should guide you properly:

Above I talked about different types of vacuum cleaner available in the market. If you still think, it is nothing but a machine; you are doing a great mistake. The importance and its effect in life is beyond described words.

Cleaning: It cleans dirt and dust out of your territory. Think of your carpet which needs periodical maintenance; if you are a job holder and hardly manage time to cook your food even, how would you manage to sweep and brushing your carpet, sofa set and other thing time to time?

Timesaver: It is a hell of time saver. As machine can work much faster than us, it takes a huge less of time than we take to clean a single thing. So if you get one, you will be finished with your cleaning very early and go for a weekend visit at your friend or can finish up one of your pending projects.

Hygiene factors: Since for a healthy life, maintaining a hygiene environment is must; a single vacuum cleaner can ensure your hygiene factors up to 90%. Think of the viral flu and seasonal diseases like, cough, cold, fever etc which takes place mainly for dusty and dirty environment. So this cleaner will kick out all the dust away at once and you can be tension free all the time.

Multi-purpose usage: A modern vacuum cleaner is no more confined using on the carpet. You can use it to remove the dirt-pile from the bookshelf, the show-case, from the laptop or your reading table or if you are pet-person, it will let you be stress-free with your pet’s litter and furs.

Relaxation: Think if you need not to do the weekly cleaning, you could enjoy your best novel, with a strong coffee on hand! A vacuum cleaner can make you feel this relaxed on your weekend, as it will conduct most of the cleaning on behalf of you, you can enjoy your book and coffee both.

Money-saver: If you have time shortage you can have a house help, which will make you cost like thousands buck a week or even more, but you can have good quality vacuum cleaner with a budget of $500 or even less. So it really help you save your bucks falling out of your pocket.

Recommended Pet Vacuum For You

There are various kind of vacuum for pet available in the market. When you see the reviews, you will find the variety in the vacuum in respect of their blending or chopping capacity, types of blades and disks and the size of bowls used in the process. The material quality is also a matter that also varies.

Here you will get a short overview on few quality vacuum available;

Buying Guide : Things to Consider Before Buying

So you have made your mind to get one now! Let me tell you few things to decide before you grab your cleaner.

Type: Before you get yourself one vacuum cleaner, make sure which one will suit you best. Since many of the types are described above, you can take a initial assumption from here. As different types of vacuums are differently operated and meant for different purposes, make sure which suits best with your needs and criteria.

Budget: Price varies product to product, company to company, even brand to brand. So make your budget and look out for the product which matches with that well and then pick out one among them.

Purposes: Find out your purpose of using a vacuum cleaner first. Do you need it for one purposes or wanna use it for multi-purpose; do you wanna use it for cleaning dry dirt or you will be using it clean up the liquid debris as well. Make your purpose defined and then grab one which goes well fitted to fulfill your purpose or purposes.

Specification: Read out the specification on the box well before you can make your payment. As some cleaner needs expert installation and handling. If you don’t have the expertise, all you money will be a complete waste.

Electricity Consumption: Whole world is moving to green and efficient energy consumption. Hence some of the products are given energy efficient certificate. It is always suggested to get a product like that.

Final Word

As I told you I got my one from online, actually the largest online store Since I am a job holder I make hardly time to stores. So if you are having a tough schedule like mine, you easily get yours from there also, or else you can visit any stores or market with your friend and relatives or third party.

Though it cleans other but it also need to be cleaned and maintained time to time. Usually it doesn’t requires heavy maintenance, but if you get yourself a electric one, check out the inisde motor time to time. Some of the cleaners offer changing its parts, so if you think the brush and the bin needs to be replaced, don’t be late; better you get yourself a new pair of brush and bag, else your whole machine can be damaged for life.

I think after reading it, you are surely feeling for a clean master for yourself. Like me get one for you and go on weekend for weeks and enjoy best of yourself as you will be tension free of cleaning the dust-pile on your return!